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8 Inch Vibe All American Whopper with Balls


Brand: NassToys

Availability: In stock

Made to look and feel like the real thing, this flesh toned dildo also vibrates at 3 different speeds. At the base you will find the dildo has a suction cup, perfect for some hands-free fun. Measurements: 8 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter. Note: Uses 3-AA batteries, Not Included.
Made to look and feel like the real thing, this flesh toned dildo also vibrates at 3 different speeds. At the base you will find the dildo has a suction cup, perfect for some hands-free fun.

Measurements: 8 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter.

Material: PVC, Phthalate free.

Note: Uses 3-AA batteries, Not Included.

Customer Reviews

By Nancy on 9/15/2018
Overall Rating
I use this in the shower anally and it is absolutely incredible. If you do use it in the shower, be sure to attach it to the wall before turning on the water as the water will keep it from sticking in the same spot. I have had some of the most powerful orgasms in my life using this. The ribbing and textures are simply incredible. This is a must buy!
By Rashad on 9/10/2018
Overall Rating
Great tool to splash, I do not need to give me plase guys, this is my love. I recommend it, especially for men plase anal bisex or gay. i love
By Shonda on 9/5/2018
Overall Rating
This is my first, so I was pleasantly surprised at the realistic feel. it's very nice. Personally, I like a bit more girth and length, but it still does the job well. No odor and no irritation either. I would recommend this product.
By Valerie on 8/20/2018
Overall Rating
Great product.....a lil larger than I thought it would be. But not that huge.
By Marisol on 8/14/2018
Overall Rating
I purchased this for my husband to play with and he loves it! Sticks on the wall great so he can use it in the shower or I love to use it on him myself! Its stiff enough to not bend and yet soft and so real. Perfect size too!
By Randy on 7/17/2018
Overall Rating
I bought this for my friend and he love's it. It is his first toy and he said he really enjoyed the gift. it is flexible and great for a guy or girl who is just beginning.
By Asa on 6/17/2018
Overall Rating
Does what it's suppose to. At first i thought it might be too soft but it was just right. I wish they sold a thicker and longer one. :)i think it's become my favorite toy until i upgrade to a newer one
By Beatrice on 6/3/2018
Overall Rating
This has become my best friend. I'm a virgin so I didn't use it like that (if you know what I mean) but I giggled and laughed so much! And I'm an adult! But this ''thing'' is the ish. <3
By Nico on 3/27/2018
Overall Rating
As my girlfriend and I unwrapped the package, you could see the anticipation in her eyes as she gawked at it and couldn't wait to get this mounted somewhere in the shower, we had a veryu erotic evening, then decided to take a shower, things got really hot and she bent over and backed in to this wonderful whopper, she was loving it and you could tell from her noises, as she had her hand wrapped around my member and being impaled on this one and rocking back and forth, she was making noises I haven't heard in a long time, needless to say, she loves the toy and it's such a turn on and very hot to see her rocking her ass back and forth as it plunges in and out of her, she then licked her juices off of it and it was very hot to see her suck it off as well.....needless to say....We love it!!!!
By Elaina on 3/25/2018
Overall Rating
I just received this item about a half hour ago and just finished up using it. It felt so realistic. Only thing is i may want one a little bigger but it was great. Just suctioned it to a chair and went to town
By Cara on 3/13/2018
Overall Rating
I have never in my 25 years of existence come across such a finely detailed and superb product as this one. Everything is finely sculpted including the veins. Some may think this product is a joke but it is simply no laughing matter especially with this tool. There is no pleasure like the pleasure this product gives to the user and it is simply unbelievable. I have personally recommended this to my family and friends.
Everyone needs to purchase this right now!
By Elena on 12/7/2017
Overall Rating
This is thin in the head and thickens up. Its not to long. Perfect in length!
By Asia on 9/26/2017
Overall Rating
While its a very basic one, its has the features most needed in a toy. It seems firm, and gentle, yet hard and rough when used right. I always use a condom on it when my friends share, so its safe for them, and it fits a regular size well. not too big or small, perfect for the average user.
By Karole on 12/31/2016
Overall Rating
The size is good and the only drawback is it's smell, because it's plastic, but feels like the real thing.
By Courtney on 9/3/2016
Overall Rating
This is a bit smaller than the advertised measurements may suggest-- they're including the base in that. The plastic is also a bit harder than is really ideal. The shape is very pleasing, though. It's easy to clean and makes a fine starter toy at the price.
By Madelyn on 4/27/2016
Overall Rating
It's fine, for the prize. The size and shape are good, it's also easy to clean.
By Giana on 12/28/2015
Overall Rating
I thought this was a great buy. It didn't smell and it's easy to clean up. This was my first sex toy and I wasn't disappointed.

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