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Agni Anal Plug


Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass

Availability: In stock

This butt plug has a artistic red and amber hue. It fits comfortably inside of the anus and can be worn during normal movement, The Red and Amber Borosilicate Glass Butt Plug measures 3 inches of insertable length and approximately 1.75 inches in width, Borosilicate glass butt plugs are hygenic and easy to clean. Just use soap and hot water, The material is non-porous, hypoallergenic, easily sterilized, durable and works with all lubes, The smooth glass makes it easy for insertion and use, Makes a wonderful display piece. The handcrafted glass looks like an expensive piece of art.
This anal plug is designed for sensual comfort and is visually striking with its unique earthen hues. Agni begins at a gently rounded point, widening outward before tapering at the neck. A flared circular base is flat-bottomed. allowing the you to stand up on its own for solo play. Made entirely of borosilicate glass, the Agni is non-porous and easily cleaned with soap and water. Uniquely handcrafted, this glass creation resembles and exclusing piece of art!

Measurements: 3.25 inch overall length, 3 inch insertable length, 1.69 inch max insertable diameter

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Color: Amber, Dark Red, and Clear

Note: Item is handcrafted, so sizing and coloration may vary slightly

Customer Reviews

By Samuel on 2/2/2016
Overall Rating
Feels great, good size...
But I had to get a replacement, as the first one had a stress fracture INSIDE the glass (no crack or anything on the OUTSIDE)--but because of the nature of this product, I wasn't going to touch it with any cracks anywhere in/on it!
I contacted the seller, let them know what was going on (because of the color, angle, placement, etc., of the crack IN the plug, I couldn't get a picture--they didn't care, they replaced it anyway).
When I got the replacement, it was 100% perfect.
By Makhi on 1/28/2016
Overall Rating
This is a great little plug for beginner play. Its got a nice big base (bigger than the widest part of the plug) and a good neck to hold it in place. The size may feel like a bit much for a true beginner but its shape is easy enough to take after a while. Relatively short, think it's about 3" insertable. Dont really feel it after a while, so its time to upgrade. Fun to experiment with. Strong too. Dropped it a few times in the sink and there isn't a scratch on it. Dont forget glass is a hard substance, so it won't give as it goes in. Makes it feel almost impossible the first few times but itll make it. I use just water for lube now, pull out every hour to rinse and stick it right back in. Stays in place.
Good for temperature play. Warming it up in hot water even for a few minutes before inserting really helps relax those muscles. Once you get that down try cold water! I did cold for the first time tonight and it feels great! Going to refrige tomorrow. Should be fun.
By Nolan on 1/19/2016
Overall Rating
glass is a lot more comfortable then rubber. it is very smooth and stays slippery with lube whereas the rubber ones become sticky. I have worn this all day long without any problems. glass is easier to clean and you can use just about any kind of lube you want. If im wearing it all day I use a little Vaseline and it works great. It isn't as large as I thought but as it turns out it is just right and gives you a full feeling without being uncomfortable.
By Nataly on 1/17/2016
Overall Rating
Not as scary in real life as it looks in the picture. I bought it for my boyfriend, but I've used it a few times myself.
All in all, a good purchase. Great for beyond-beginners.
By Kendra on 1/3/2016
Overall Rating
I love this plug and on behalf of my partner I can say it made play time in that special area a whole lot easier. I actually love taking it from the back now and my husband couldn't be happier.
By Johnny on 12/26/2015
Overall Rating
My wife loves this and I think this will be hers. A bit small for my tastes but great for beginners. This glass plugs are amazing and the first we reach for in the toy drawer. Great for extended wear.
The only problem I have with these glass plugs is the flanged base can start to slowly slip inside of me when I am very relaxed, base could be a bit wider and still be comfortable. Not everyone will have that problem but I elected to buy a plug harness to keep things in place. It works fine in my harness.
Temperature play is possible with the glass so I thought I would try. I turned the bathroom sink on hot filling it up and put the plug in the sink. Let it sit for five to ten minutes. Pulled it out of the hot water, dried it off(the plug should feel warm but not uncomfortable to handle). Applied my lube of choice(silicone) to the plug and inserted. The warmth of the plug actually aides in relaxing the muscles allowing for a near effortless insertion and the warmth feels great as your body accepts its presence. This is my only attempt at temperature play with the glass plug but it works and is enjoyable.
We love it. Fun to use. Feels great to wear. Easy to clean. Either water based or silicone based lubes are safe to use with. Great price. Beautiful to look at when not in use.

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