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Anal Beads


Brand: Trinity Vibes

Availability: In stock

Enjoy the pleasures of anal play with these anal beads. Perfect for beginners as the beads gradually increase in size. Measurements: 11 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. Material: PVC

Enjoy the pleasures of anal play with these anal beads. Perfect for beginners as the beads gradually increase in size.

Measurements: 11 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter.

Material: PVC

Customer Reviews

By Amy on 2/1/2017
Overall Rating
I was a bit skeptical about buying these considering the price they were, but i was wrong. They are amazing to feel inside of you! I would rather have something other than plastic, but still amazing.
By Dwain on 12/16/2016
Overall Rating
This was my first go with anything like this but the gf was pleased. I was worried about cheap products having sharp pieces of plastic but this was quality and smooth. A little on the softer side so took a little mores finesse to use but good product.
By Damien on 10/19/2016
Overall Rating
So both me and my girl are new to anal play, however... try getting head and having these in then removed during orgasm and you will never turn back. Good solid product, bigger beads than I thought from looking at the picture but great fun with lube for me and her.
By Abbigail on 9/23/2016
Overall Rating
These would be 5 stars if they didn't smell so god-awful like nasty plastic/rubber. They make my whole armoire smell and when I open the doors to my armoire, my whole room smells like it. They feel great (better than anything else I have actually). I will continue to use but I wish they didn't smell so strong.
By Kylan on 5/2/2016
Overall Rating
I was contemplating the idea of sharing a review on a sex toy but I must admit that this one was loads of fun! I haven't had any issues with mine, just make sure you use lots of lube. Oh and for a real thrill get a mini vibe and lightly touch it to the beads! Amazing!
By Marco on 2/9/2016
Overall Rating
Anal beads have long been a part of anal play for both men and women, homosexual and heterosexual. These anal beads are of the rigid plastic sort - which is to say that the beads and their connections are cast in one piece, rather than the beads being threaded onto a string. That is good, as it is really impossible to completely sterilize string, at least to my satisfaction.
My only complaint against this set of beads is that it is made of plastic, rather than silicone, which to my mind is the superior material for both feel and ability to be thoroughly sterilized.
But, nonetheless, this is a very good set of anal beads that really does the trick. Its small size makes it a good starter set for those interest in anal beads.
By Cassie on 1/8/2016
Overall Rating
How could something so simple, be so pleasurable. The best buy of my recent purchases... I bought two, one for each of us. And if you want to get the most pleasure out of it, have your partner gradually remove it while you are cumming! The only improvement would be if they were silicone. Nonetheless, they do the job. Take as many beads in as you are comfortable with (I find deep breathing and pushing them in on the exhale helps them to get to their deepest penetration...and it's also great to have your partner gradually put them into you, play with it, in and get the picture.) Be sure to lube them very well, even apply more lube as you are about to have the large beads enter you; and don't force anything. Each time the experience is different, always's my new favorite toy. As with all anal toys, it goes easier if you've cleaned yourself out beforehand.

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