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Anal-Eze Gel


Brand: California Exotic Novelties

Availability: In stock

Brand New Formula.Maximum strength Benzocaine desensitizing gel. Unscented, smooth and slick formula. Size: 1.5 oz. Gel Tube. Ingredients: Propylene, Glycol, Benzocaine, Carbomer 940 and Triethanolamine.
Brand New Formula.Maximum strength Benzocaine desensitizing gel. Unscented, smooth and slick formula.

Size: 1.5 oz. Gel Tube.

Ingredients: Propylene, Glycol, Benzocaine, Carbomer 940 and Triethanolamine. Cream is Water-Based.

Customer Reviews

By Hae on 8/15/2018
Overall Rating
Works great got three tubes and gave one to a friend. His girlfriend made it a point to thank me!
By Alisa on 8/10/2018
Overall Rating
Anal sex has become so much more enjoyable. I use to dread having anal sex with my husband until I used this product.
By Marcus on 8/2/2018
Overall Rating
It worked pretty good but maybe too good. My wife was unable to take even the smallest plugs in before and with this product and a lube shooter... well... I went beast mode on her and she loved every minute of it. I'm pretty far above average down there and she definitely suffered the next day. Only reason I say it works too good is because of the hurt she felt the next day. 5 stars for doing what it's supposed to but be sure to still take it slow.
By Nolan on 8/1/2018
Overall Rating
This is a good lubricant/pain easer when you have anal sex with someone who is not used to it. Yay
By Prince on 6/26/2018
Overall Rating
Product does actually work but you have to apply 5-10 minutes to give it time to work. Many say it doesn't numb but I assure you it does! Try a dab on ur lip and see if I'm lying about the numbing power.
By Carter on 6/12/2018
Overall Rating
Very fast shipping and helped her relax to try anal. Overall made it a more enjoyable experience for her
By Ayla on 3/22/2018
Overall Rating
This is the highest Benzocaine content on the market for *either* therapeutic pain gel or erotic & tattoo numbing lotion. I used the 5% normal strength for years in my Beauty Regime and the bump up is very noticeable. I say "Beauty Regime" because I have extremely sensitive skin and I use this for Eyebrow Tweezing. 10 seconds after application of a pea-sized amount and not only is the area numb for an hour +plus, but the skin absorbs it immediately with no greasiness or scent or roughness when it dries.
I know this is way, way off label, but I also use this for swollen sinuses! It works *so* much better than ingested drugs like Advil or Exedrine Headache, and is superior to any and all anti-inflammatory unguents I have tried topically on my migraines and nasal sinuses over the years, like Penetrex, although that's good for muscle soreness and for faster healing of bruises. Furthermore, I have a bulged disc in my lower back that hurts every day, for which my doctor prescribed Vicodin and Lidocaine patches. The highest dose of topically-applied Lidocaine allowed by the FDA is 5%; even the best tattoo-numbing gels are only 5% Lidocaine. Well, this mixture is marketed as a "butt-numbing gel" for entertainment & "novelty" purposes, not medical, so the product flies under the government radar, so to speak.
I began to apply the Anal Eeze to my back several times a day and voilà! No more pills & patches for me! I've proselytized the pain properties of this lotion to countless people and not a single soul seems convinced of Anal Eze's efficacies. The only person who believed me upon first mention was my hairstylist, because he was already using it for its label-stated purpose:)
By Marshall on 3/18/2018
Overall Rating
I used this for the tattoo on my butt cheeks, rubbed it on about an hour before my appointment and covered it with plastic wrap. It worked AMAZINGLY!!!!!! My back piece is from the top of my shoulders to the bottom of my butt cheeks and the butt has been THE most painful spot on my body(and I'm practically covered in ink). This product made all the difference in the world. I hardly flinched, whereas before using it I couldn't sit still when getting work done down there. I would recommend this to EVERYONE (for tattoo purposes, I don't like anal sex)
By Ahmed on 12/1/2017
Overall Rating
Not going to say this product is five stars simply because it is too "watery". Though it is roughly thick at first, it quickly decays and becomes "squeaky" (as in squeaky-clean). The numbing is good. I suggest someone who has issues with premature ejaculation use this (on only themselves... let it sit a little, and then clean it off) as it will numb you right up and minimize stimulation. This same issue happens when used anally... the genitals also become numb and it takes WAY longer to orgasm. For this reason I suggest caution: just because your partner is numb, and can't feel it as well, doesn't mean you aren't doing damage.
By Trevon on 7/27/2017
Overall Rating
It works great. I haven't received in Forever..! I ordered this product and used it ten minutes before receiving and it didnt hurt and i wasnt sore. Im going to order ten more tubes lol..
By Sherlyn on 4/19/2017
Overall Rating
Works great, but wouldn't use it every time
By Patience on 2/5/2016
Overall Rating
The product works as described. It isn't sticky and it has no odor. I have no complaints as it makes playtime much easier for me. I have discovered that the ideal wait time is 5 minutes after application before attempting penetration. When I used a plug to test, I'd say the duration was 30-60 min before I noticed it wearing off. The tubes are small, but they are as described so I'm happy. I will definitely be buying more of this item.
By Corey on 1/20/2016
Overall Rating
This has got to be one of the best ever numbing lubes around. Just used a small amount before penetration and was able to take any size immedialty,my partners all 10inch or more penetrate with no additonal lube and it is not painfull at all. My Ass is numb for at least 15mins before the sensation returns. It's great for my sex now
By Anahi on 1/18/2016
Overall Rating
I've never had anything inserted into my anus. This product does relax the area and allows for smooth penetration. A must have for first timers exploring anal play.
By Genesis on 12/18/2015
Overall Rating
Great product. Works immediately and odorless
By Santa on 11/20/2015
Overall Rating
Works very well. Does a very good.

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