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Black Baller Anal Beads


Brand: Master Series

Availability: In stock

The Black Baller delivers five impressively sized spheres for intense popping sensations. The easy-pull ring handle provides easy control and a secure hold, and the smooth, flexible PVC material makes this toy safe and easy to clean. Measurements: 17.5 inch total length, 2.65 inch diameter beads. Material: PVC. Color: Black
The Black Baller delivers five impressively sized spheres for intense popping sensations. The easy-pull ring handle provides easy control and a secure hold, and the smooth, flexible PVC material makes this toy safe and easy to clean.

Measurements: 17.5 inch total length, 2.65 inch diameter beads

Material: PVC

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

By Urijah on 7/31/2018
Overall Rating
Definitely as described and she almost exploded when the balls made her squirt. Obviously didn't use them for as advertised purpose. Seriously doubt that will happen, but definitely an excellent choice for those who want to experiment or push the boundaries a little. Definitely worth the cost and strongly constructed from what I've seen so far.
By Marivel on 5/29/2018
Overall Rating
Best ever!!! Very big and very good quality. Its a challenge for everyone to get this complete inside.... I made 4 of the 5 bowls.
By Cherish on 4/20/2018
Overall Rating
Great toy. Extremely long. I can only take 4 of the balls in, so I cut off the 5th one. Great toy for the price. Great sensation.
By Declan on 3/23/2018
Overall Rating
Wow..the best....three went in easy and working on the rest.....they are not for the less experienced....perfect fun..easy clean them!
By hys on 12/29/2017
Overall Rating
Still working on all 5! Great challenge! I will have years of pleasure with this product. I would highly recommend it.
By Kayden on 7/11/2017
Overall Rating
Amazing product! A must have piece for your collection if you want to explore your body's possibilities and get some of most intense orgasms you've ever had. Lots of lube and proper warm up for this toy are important. Good quality as well.
By Martin on 4/2/2017
Overall Rating
at first glance these beads are huge, about the size of a softball. As an intermediate/advanced anal player I had difficulty working these in, but once I got the first one amazing. I can only get 2 in now but I absolutely love them. These are a must add to your anal play collection. I also recommend the Master series anal link large, those helped me work up to these.
By Diego on 3/1/2017
Overall Rating
Got the beads about 3 months ago. First of all they are large. Didn't wait, lubed up and popped in the first three. What great feeling. Started pulling them out even better. It took a while to get the forth in and be comfortable. I would leave the 5th hanging out and wander around the house. Today I finally got the fifth to pop in. and let me tell you WOW!! Don't pull them out to fast but a steady pace is the best feeling in the world.
By Fallon on 1/26/2017
Overall Rating
Wow these are great! Definitely larger than we expected 8.325" circumference (round), and its a nice change from the many small toys available. I would say these are for experienced users, who are able to endure the size mentioned above. If you need something slightly smaller, but large enough to work your way up to this one, I would suggest the "master series anal link butt plug in size Large" (6.754") circumference. When in doubt take it slow, deep breaths, lots of lube! I would definitely recommend this product, high quality, impressive size and fair price!
By Blaine on 6/10/2016
Overall Rating
This is an excellent toy for those that enjoy sexual pleasures. The price was just right, and the service was quick!!
By Piper on 5/15/2016
Overall Rating
overall balls of a nice size & if you have a friend to assist you will have a lot of fun
only neg is that the toy is far too slippery to handle on your own & the 2nd ball has a blemish mark that could cause a soreness issue with prlonged play but overall a good item
By Harrison on 5/10/2016
Overall Rating
I had this on my wish list for months and months, debating whether or not to buy it, and finally took the plunge to get it,
In a word, Id say I definitely underestimated the size of this thing.
It wasnt so much the length, but the shear girth of the balls on this. Its literally like holding a baseball in your hand. The thought alone of even getting one in is rather daunting (in my case at least!) This thing has 5 balls? I see even ONE as a task, I havent used it yet but just the size alone is crazy. If anything, this is the one toy Id keep to build up to and see this as an achievement in some way. IT IS JUST HUGE. The material used resembles, feels exactly like the Master Series Anal Links, and just cleaning this one feels about the same as well. Built very well.
By Eugene on 4/24/2016
Overall Rating
Very nice! Balls are squishy and quite large. I'm having a time trying to the third one in. It Has a smell to it but goes away after awhile. When you touch product it leaves a weird residue on your fingers but some soap and water can clean it off.
By Sterling on 2/7/2016
Overall Rating
Its well made, relatively heavy, no seams, an overall solid product. The beads were smaller than I was hoping for, I was able to take care of all five in the first/second attempt. It also didn't feel particularly amazing either. Although that's not a fault of the product, so my personal experience shouldn't give a bad review on an otherwise solid item. I would actually recommend this for newer players, as the balls aren't quite (master level) in my opinion.
Also pro tip, for people wanting to go deep, the best way to really open your self up is to pull air into your colon. Here are some simple steps I follow, get on all fours, relax, close your esophagus to stop your self breathing in through your mouth, then try to breath in through your belly. Take it slow and you can feel the negative pressure in your abdominal cavity, the anus will actually start to pull in as you try to breath in. For additional assistance, work with a toy or simply open your self with both hands. The rectum will quickly fill with air, that will be enough to get much further (easily 9" if not more) if you keep relaxing and pulling in, you can feel the sigmoid open and the descending colon fill with air as well. On its own its an amazing feeling, but with colon opened up, anyone (honestly anyone) can take all five of these. You can use this method to get started, then just pass the air out for a more challenging experience.
By Winner on 1/23/2016
Overall Rating
Bead strings are as old as humanity. If something feels good during both entry and exit, why not indulge built-in repetitions? Hence the strings. Most are alike, with both the beads true to the name, and the string, like so. There may be wide gaps inbetween the beads, or there may be none. The beads may be balls, ringed ellipsoids, or even spades.
Black Baller is a chain of five nearly identical balls, topping at 64 mm in diameter. The TPE material is soft, and thus the balls go in easily, much more easily than the 4 mm smaller Round Medium ball from Doc Johnson. Another good idea utilized in the design is that the entire toy comes from a single mold. There are no seams, as often happens with silicone ball chains. It is an altogether yummy experience, but due to the enormous 370 mm insertable length, most organic insertors will have to make do with fewer than five balls in.
Build: As with other strings from Master Series, the first item is slightly wider from the rest, although in this case the differences are smaller. The first is 64 mm in diameter, and the remaining four are 63, 62, 63, and 62 mm, respectively. After the balls comes the 20 mm long stem, which ends in a finger loop. The 12 mm gaps between balls are enough to provide a very comfortable resting point. Each connector is midfinger-sized, at 20 mm in diameter, and therefore the balls do not have this annoying tendency to run away from my fingers. I can take one, I can take two, and I can make up my mind as I go, and do not ever feel pressured. The chain holds its own but is never rigid. I love the design of this toy, even if it is way too long for me to ever dream of inserting all five. Soft but not squishy, the balls do not ever make me feel that I'm inserting something big. I now wish I had more toys that feel so good for their size. Best of all, there are no seams, either. Seams are the bane of various uncomfortable silicone and plastic bead strings out there.
Entry: I have two similar toys from Master Series. I use them for length training and widening up deep. Therefore, I can reserve my ball chain for different purposes, namely ball fun. I love balls, and therefore even a single ball from this chain is enough to provide me joy. Almost halfway between Round Medium and Round Large in diameter, the first ball goes in easier than any Doc Johnson toy. Holding onto the second ball, I push the first one in. The same applies to the next ball in turn.
Ballgame: I've never attempted to insert more than three, but I don't need to. In go the first three, and out they go again. Due to my love of balls, I never get bored with these, and can spend as long as twenty minutes putting them in and pulling them out. Don't tell anyone, but I actually like to walk around the house with this chain half-inserted. With two balls in, the remainder of the chain dangles between my legs, as if it were a tail. What fun, I couldn't even begin to relate the experience ;)
By YAM on 12/29/2015
Overall Rating
Advance players, hear Me, get this! Start your regular sessions with some less smaller balls, and then increment the size to a medium, finally insert this immense balls once your loose enough, to experience one the best feelings of your life. You will "come and come again" to this feeling, no matter who you are with. Lots of lube and tons of patience will take you a long way, but it is worth it. At 17 inches, it's big, so take it easy, I'm up to three right now, four and five is a stretch, but it can be done, I've seen it done and it's heaven. Enjoy...

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