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Boy Butter 16oz Tub


Brand: Boy Butter Lubricants

Availability: In stock

Boy Butter is safe, fun and most effective. Boy Butter can easily facilitate some of the sexual acts below: Masturbation, Mutual Masturbation, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Straight Sex, Gay Sex, Lesbian Sex, Sex Toy Fun, Fisting, Erotic Massage, Covered or Bareback Sex, And Birthday Novelty Fun.
Boy Butter is safe, fun and most effective. Boy Butter can easily facilitate some of the sexual acts below:
  • Masturbation
  • Mutual Masturbation
  • Anal Sex
  • Vaginal Sex
  • Straight Sex
  • Gay Sex
  • Lesbian Sex
  • Sex Toy Fun
  • Fisting
  • Erotic Massage
  • Covered or Bareback Sex
  • And Birthday Novelty Fun

Customer Reviews

By Weldon on 9/22/2018
Overall Rating
My God!! This stuff is simply amazing! Thick and consistent lasting to my very last breathe pounding away. Why didn't I come across this sooner?!? Washes away easily with water.
By Randy on 8/24/2018
Overall Rating
Work out without the residual soreness. Love this stuff! !
By Steve on 8/14/2018
Overall Rating
When it comes to anal, this is the best stuff ever!
By Ruben on 7/13/2018
Overall Rating
Been using this stuff for years. I've gone quite a few lubes, and I'm telling you this stuff is great. No irritation, no burning, no greasy feeling left on your hands. Doesn't smell bad. Lasts long.
By Emilio on 6/25/2018
Overall Rating
Love this stuff. Amazing lube! Works great with most toys and most guys. ;-)
By Leonidas on 6/21/2018
Overall Rating
I like this product because it has no unpleasant taste. Therefore they is no issue using it before oral sex. I just wished it lasted as long as the premium silicone lubricants.
By Carly on 6/13/2018
Overall Rating
Works like a charm. There's a ton in this little tub! Washes off with just water. Doesn't smell bad, either.
By Reginald on 4/24/2018
Overall Rating
I'm a guy and this is the very best stuff I have found for solo play, other than YES Oil-based. Boy Butter is very slippery, easy to use, and you don't have to reapply it often.
By Brennen on 3/25/2018
Overall Rating
Very good lube. Not sticky does not stain. Highly recommend.
By Addison on 1/11/2018
Overall Rating
Goes on thick and gets slick as it heats up. Highly recommended!
By Diego on 12/27/2017
Overall Rating
Excellent lube stays on long dont need to reapply for a long time. I am satisfied with the product
By Krish on 2/26/2017
Overall Rating
This stuff is amazing! Very good for's super slippery, medium thick, and lasts a very long time. Bonus is it washes off easily as well!
By Freddy on 1/14/2017
Overall Rating
Love it :)
By Kamden on 12/27/2016
Overall Rating
Awesome. This is the best jackoff lube I have ever tried. I doesn't take a whole lot and stays slick for a long time. Cleans off really easy too. Not sticky and doesn't leave a residue. What more could you ask for.
By Andreas on 6/27/2016
Overall Rating
Doesn't get any better than this. Functional, easy clean up. No need to say more. Highly recommended!
By Dereon on 12/27/2015
Overall Rating
Worth it.
By Berta on 11/25/2015
Overall Rating
The oil lubrication stays moist longer than water based lubricants, while remaining easily dissolvable in water, a preferred lubricant to safe play (use of dildos, non-exchange of intimate bodily fluids - not for use with condoms).

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