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CB-6000S Male Chastity Device


Brand: CB6000

Availability: In stock

The CB-6000S is the manufacturers way of adding another design to provide personal choices for all types of male anatomy. The cage measurement is 2 1/2 inches in length.Included in Kit: One Cage Portion. Five different sized rings. Four locking pins. Four spacers. One brass padlock with ONE key. Five individually numbered plastic locks. An embossed CB-6000 zipper pouch.
The CB-6000S is the manufacturers way of adding another design to provide personal choices for all types of male anatomy. The cage measurement is 2 1/2 inches in length. Included in Kit:
  • One Cage Portion
  • Five different sized rings
  • Four locking pins
  • Four spacers
  • One brass padlock with ONE key
  • Five individually numbered plastic locks
  • An embossed CB-6000 zipper pouch

Customer Reviews

By Ali on 8/1/2018
Overall Rating
My second one ive ordered and I am very happy it works and my life is better because of this product
By Irvin on 6/21/2018
Overall Rating
This is the best design and quality I have seen in one of these devices. It is made of a lightweight see-through material that has no sharp edges or bits that stick into you. It is comfortable to wear for extended periods and is well ventilated.
It comes with 5 rings and 4 locking pins and spacers, all of different sizes. You can mix and match the parts to get the size and fit you want. It all snaps together like a puzzle. Once you have the size you want, you just assemble it around your man’s parts. No trying to squeeze his parts through some impossible solid ring as with most other designs.
Once in place you apply the lock and he is in there. With correct fit, I see no way a man could get out of this without the keyholder’s cooperation.
The only negative is the cheap little padlock they supply. I have seen this brand before and they break quite easily. I recommend finding a higher-quality lock or your man might need a locksmith.
By Billy on 6/5/2018
Overall Rating
Received it on Tuesday, it fit perfect and has been locked on on me for 4 days now with no problems. Only problem was the clicking of the lock against the sleeve as I walked so I put a rubber band around the lock as a temporary fix until I can find a better solution. Maybe wearing briefs not boxers will help quiet the clicking. Love it.
By Arnold on 5/31/2018
Overall Rating
It's awesome I got it on wedsday and my mistress was here and she put it on me right away. My mistress and I are very pleased with this item. I am not happy it is locked on me right now and you all know what that means no playing with myself till she unlocks me anyway this itemgreat I would one if you play to much with your self.
By Byron on 4/23/2018
Overall Rating
I Love it ! Very easy to put on and very comfortable to wear I have worn it out shopping under jeans with no issues and when I crossdress a pair of snug panties is all it takes to smooth out the front.
By Jordon on 2/13/2018
Overall Rating
first time caged took a while to get comfortable. so many combination just had to find the right fit
By Leopoldo on 12/2/2017
Overall Rating
Very good purchase. I didn't think I'd like the plastic but it makes it much easier and comfortable to wear all day. My only issue so far is that the cage part is rather narrow so it takes a good bit of lube to get my junk in it. I've worn it 3 days now. It took alot of experimenting with the rings to find the right fit for comfort while keeping everything locked up properly. The first night I used it about 2 hours with no side effects. Yesterday I had it on 7 hours until my Queen freed me. Again, no side effects. 3 hours into my work day today and I barley notice it. Not much of a bulge since the design points the shaft straight down as not to make it obvious.
I wanted to note that normal, standing up urination is possible while wearing although I do need to get into the stall as opposed to a urinal as it's hard to get thru the zipper.
By SamSam on 9/19/2017
Overall Rating
Does what it is supposed to do. Great for adventurous exploration and role-play.
By Desmond on 9/11/2017
Overall Rating
The chastity device was nice. I had to put a rubber band around the lock to keep it from clicking every time I walked. The eye in the two largest rings split out so I can't use them anymore. The next size down is a little too tight but it works. It wears comfortably and does what it is suppose to do. I enjoy wearing it. I have to put a little baby oil on before slipping it on because otherwise I wouldn't get it on.
By Antonio on 6/23/2017
Overall Rating
Wife received it upon delivery. When I arrived home my wife was in a playful mood and started removing my clothes as she ushered me into the bedroom. (Thought Wow! she is horny tonight) Once she got me on the bed with my clothes off, she tied my hands and feet to the bed and said "Look what I got today". She already had it lubed up and put it on me and snapped the lock closed. She untied me and said take me to dinner slave or you will never be let out of this. Her attitude has changed and shes become very dominant over night. She has refused to unlock me and I've been locked for two days now and she is now very bossy Cage fits well and is very comfortable..
By Myla on 5/4/2017
Overall Rating
This male chastity device can be seen as creepy as heck or sexy as hell depending on the person. It's an excellent device for the couples that like role playing and can be a great turn on! I have to admit it is a definite turn on for me! My hubby was a bit anxious and excited about it at the same time but he allowed me to "experiment" & amuse myself! It's a well built contraption for the most part but we did have an issue with the width. It fit my hubby lengthwise no problem (just don't get an erection while wearing! but he has a good bit of girth to his penis and we didn't think it was going to fit at first but he managed to get it to fit. He said it was tight and a bit uncomfortable so we lubed it up and it slid right in! His penis did stick out of the side holes but it wasn't too big of a deal. It's easy to clean. We had fun "playing" with it and will most likely use it again!
By Abram on 4/23/2017
Overall Rating
Good product. Remember to have lube to help put it on, it seems small but it is comfortable with help of the lube :)
By Gonzalo on 2/15/2017
Overall Rating
Excellent service. It's well made and easy to put on. No pinchng of other issues if you follow the simple instructions. Tight and restricting but comfortable yet you definitely know you are locked in chastity. I love it.
By Elvis on 11/12/2016
Overall Rating
It arrived sooner then expected, it was a little hard at first to fiuger out how to wear, but once I got past that it was great. Very comfortable easy to wear.I love it keeps you on lock down when needed. I would sujest to shave befor and enjoy.
By Jeremiah on 10/15/2016
Overall Rating
This thing is great! It's very well made, fully customizable. I really can't find one thing wrong with it, and I would buy it again.
By Salvatore on 6/4/2016
Overall Rating
i have this one an it fits great an feels comfortable
but beware the 6000s means its short cage after wearing it for few weeks i found out i needed the longer version of 6000
now its on an more comfortable an on for months allread
the short version is great if you are smaller or do not get excited to much
all depends what you want in chastity long term or short term long erm the 6000 is great short term the 6000s is nice also
mine been in it for about 6 months now an no problems

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