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CleanStream Premium Silicone Enema Set


Brand: CleanStream

Availability: In stock

The Silicone Enema Set is one of the most comprehensive, quality kits on the market. Those drug store enema kits can not match our bag capacity (holds up to 1 gallon of fluid), extra accessories and superior workmanship. Set Includes: Silicone enema bag. 4 tip enema set. Flexible hose. Stainless steel clamp. Carrying case.
The Silicone Enema Set is one of the most comprehensive, quality kits on the market. Those drug store enema kits can not match our bag capacity, which holds up to 1 gallon of fluid, and also comes with extra accessories and is made with superior workmanship. Set includes silicone enema bag, 4 tips, flexible hose, hose clamp, and carrying case

Measurements: Holds up to 1 gallon of fluid

Material: Silicone

Color: White

Customer Reviews

By Brennen on 5/7/2017
Overall Rating
This is a 1Gal enema bag. It is sturdily built to last and has a heavy hook to keep everything hanging without fail. I would recommend this to anyone interested in butt play.
By Aaliyah on 11/19/2016
Overall Rating
Cleanstream is a great product, it comes with a case for the different heads, very nice. if you need a Silicone Enema Set this is the one to get.
By Jakob on 11/9/2016
Overall Rating
Have had this now for over a few years and I have to say it has held up well. I went through so many of the red ones and they just kept tearing up. This set is expensive but you get what you pay for.
By Charlie on 10/16/2016
Overall Rating
Bag, hose and hook are of excellent quality. We have not encountered any problems with these items. We had no difficulty opening the tip box, just hold the bottom of the box and press firmly on bottom of latch, and lift. With the hose, you have to wriggle the tip into the hose, it takes a little effort. We had a real problem with the clamp. Horrible. Even after adjustments with pliers. I'm happy I bought the set.
By Jarrett on 9/15/2016
Overall Rating
hi there
I bought this with the Cleanstream-Premium-Silicone-Enema-Set I have to say it is the best enema kit and set I ever bought
I only have one complaint the metal clamp that came with the set is make of very sharp metal and it will cut you I cut my finger the other day on the metal clamp
other then that this set is on wonderful set I would recommend this to anyone and everyone I know
take care
By Alijah on 5/31/2016
Overall Rating
This is a very good set for the price, and works very well. has all the attachments needed for a good and proper use of this device.
By suga bear on 5/10/2016
Overall Rating
This enema set is a really great product. It is good quality. It is a little more expensive than some other enema sets. But the quality is worth the price.
By Shaylee on 4/16/2016
Overall Rating
The only con is that it drains very slowly. I was used to one much faster, but if you have the time, this is easy to use and has the advantage of different tips so you can find the one that fits best. One suggestion, find which tip is most comfortable BEFORE attaching to tubing. Even when tubing is hot it can be a challenge to attach the tips - especially if you have week hands.
By Mitchel on 4/1/2016
Overall Rating
The nozzle kit that came with this setup is pretty much useless as they are not well made, but the silicone bag is totally worth it. You'll also need to purchase a more high quality silicone nozzle (Retention Enema Nozzle | Medical-Grade Silicone Enema Tip) to use. To use the Higginson Smooth flow with this system, you will need to also purchase an integrated enema tubing connector (5/16 inch barb to 5/16 inch barb) from Optimal health. This is all you need + water based lubricant, for a premium system setup that will last you for a long time. This system eliminates the chemical plastic smell that I have read about in other cheaper setups. Doesn't make sense to do a colon cleanse only to fill your guts with plastic chemical leaching out.
By Sergio on 1/10/2016
Overall Rating
I was uneasy to purchase a clear bag and hose initially because I was afraid they would stain. I was very wrong! Cleans up without a problem. Very high quality product, made for years of use if cared for properly. The tip set is definitely for beginners, but still good quality. The only complaint that I have is that the clip broke after about 4 uses. I replaced it with a more heavy duty one, but be aware that it is not made for many uses as it can cause a mess if it breaks at the wrong time.
By Doc on 11/28/2015
Overall Rating
CleanStream Premium Silicone Enema Set, is without a doubt the best product on the market. First of all it's made of a durable silicone which the majority of people are not allergic to. Silicone does not breakdown like other mediums Latex etc. over time so it is the first choice if you will be using organic essential oils, coffee etc for your cleansing enemas. The bag hold 1 gallon of water so that you do not have to refill a 2 quart bag a number of times this makes the process easier and the attachments are provide along with a sleek "leather" pouch. I use this Clean Stream Premium Silicone Enema Set with a Silicone Smooth Flow "Higginson" Syringe and Hose Colon Cleansing System it pays for itself with the first use. It is an effective silicone, in-line, enema hose pump system that delivers your enema solution thought the entire colon, providing a colon cleansing that is as effective as a professional colon hydrotherapy session; without the expense and with the added benefit of you being in the comfort of your own home. Having this product at your disposal eliminates the excuses and hassle for those who are on a budget don't have the time or money to book the series of appointments needed to properly cleanse the colon or those that avoid the process because of traffic parking, or personal embarrassment. This Silicone Enema Set is a quality product, that is the most cost effective of them all and this seller is professional and quick to deliver. I will not only buy again but I will tell everyone that I know that cares about their colon health to purchase from this seller. I love quality without greed. Because of this, this seller will gain access to over 100 new clients and my loyalty. I am a professional heath advisor I purchase this product for personal use I will now share it on my group site. That is how good this transaction was and how great the quality and price of this product is. I hope this review helps someone!

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