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CleanStream Shower Enema System


Brand: CleanStream

Availability: In stock

The Shower Enema Kit has been improved! This enema kit now includes a free narrow nozzle, New, longer 6 foot hose makes your enema time much more convenient, You use the shower knob to regulate the force of water through the hose into their ass. This allows for a more gradual and comfortable enema experience. This is a very neat enema system. Its douche/enema nozzle is outfitted for use as a shower attachment. The Shower Enema Kit comes with two nozzles, one is 5" and the other is 3.5". It also comes with a 6ft (2m) metal hose. One end of the hose screws into your shower, the other end is where you attach your choice of nozzle. Where the Shower Enema Kit connects with your shower it has a valve that directs the water either through the nozzle and into you or to the shower head.
This is a very neat enema system. Its douche and enema nozzle is outfitted for use as a shower attachment. The Shower Enema Kit comes with two nozzles, one is 5 inches and the other is 3.5 inches. It also comes with a 6ft metal hose. One end of the hose screws into your shower, the other end is where you attach your choice of nozzle. Where the Shower Enema Kit connects with your shower it has a valve that directs the water either through the nozzle and into you or to the shower head. Use the shower knob to regulate the force of water through the hose.

Measurements: Hose: 6 feet; Small nozzle: 3.5 inches in length; Large nozzle: 5 inches in length

Material: Metal

Color: Grey

Customer Reviews

By Roman on 9/28/2018
Overall Rating
No complaints at all about this product. Well made and great price. No need to buy a more expensive model, this one works great!
By Jeffie on 9/27/2018
Overall Rating
Everything works fine, the "wand" is smooth and comfortable. The diverter valve lever is plastic and is starting to pop off.
By Freddy on 9/25/2018
Overall Rating
This system is of high-quality. It arrived with extra washers, and all of the components fit well together. The installation was intuitive, e.g., I didn't read the instructions. It took all of five minutes to install. A note about installing, if you are used to doing a little plumbing around the house, you will have probably used Teflon tape. Teflon tape is used to make it easy to screw joints together, it is not a sealant. The machining of the components of this system did not need Teflon tape, they screwed together easily with an excellent no-leak fit.
Once, I had the system installed, I had to use it! Unlike some comments, it was easy to adjust water flow, just use a little commonsense. I used the large nozzle the first time out and did the following: 1.) Turn the valve so your shower head is completely on. 2.) Adjust the temperature of the water. 3.) warm the nozzle by turning the valve so the nozzle receives all the water. 4.) Aim the shower head to the wall of your shower. 5.) Adjust the flow to the nozzle appropriately to the task by turning the valve so that both the nozzle and shower head have water flowing. There is no need to adjust the water flow at the faucet, just adjust the valve that came with the system. 6.) Use and cleanse. The results were excellent.
It is that simple. I expect this product to last a long time given the quality materials.
By Ulises on 9/12/2018
Overall Rating
This is the first enema "system" I've ever purchased and I'm very pleased with my purchase. It installed easily even though I already had a hand-held shower with an extra-long hose. I removed the fitting for the hand-held shower, installed the diverter for the enema hose and reinstalled the fitting for the shower. I used plenty of teflon plumber's tape on all threaded connections and have had no issues at all with the connections leaking.
All in all, the components seem to be well-constructed and well thought out. I was a little concerned that it would turn out to be silver-painted plastic but it all seems to be stainless steel. Being stainless steel I feel confident that things really are clean when I wash them with soap and water after use. I mean, I wouldn't stir my coffee with the wand but I'm certain I'm not going to have a lot of flora and fauna making themselves at home between uses. The included hose could be a little longer but, as another reviewer noted, it's no big deal to get either an extension hose or a longer replacement hose at the hardware store. I purchased a Suction Cup Shower Head Holder - Shower Head Adapter - Easy push-button installation at the same time and it has worked perfectly to store the hose and nozzle between uses.
I was hesitant to make this purchase since the cost seemed to be kinda high. However, now that I have installed and used this product, I feel I made a very wise investment.
By Jayden on 9/6/2018
Overall Rating
I should have upgraded to this years ago! In the past, I would use enema bottles that would hurt after the 3rd or 4th time. With this cleanstream system it takes me less time to clean out. Also, the hose and the connections are stainless steel. This product will last a long time.
By Bannana Cupcake on 8/27/2018
Overall Rating
I had one heck of a time finding this shower attachment. I learned about this from a friend, but I didn't realize it is for enemas. I've had this item for a few months now. I use it when it's "that time of the month," so I can't comment on the enema functionality. I works great for what I want. I previously had a different similar item that cost more, but was of the same quality. Ladies I highly recommend this item.
By Deangelo on 8/25/2018
Overall Rating
It hooked up easily in a couple of minutes to my shower head. I love the little handle you can turn back and forth between shower and the Cleanstream. You can set the handle between the shower and Cleanstream to regulate the water flow (as I have a single handle to turn water on and off in my shower and can't regulate the pressure with it). If you douche, I would recommend it. The water drips through it a little when the shower is on, but that is actually a good thing. Knowing plumbing, you don't want stagnant water sitting in the line where bacteria can grow. The little water that runs through it when showering should keep it fresh.
By Ansley on 7/17/2018
Overall Rating
This product is well thoughtout and made.... Easy to assemble, attach, and use. It provides (with proper use) excellent results without the stress of refilling containers or bags.
After the correct and thoughtful use of this product.... one is left with the ultimate clean and fresh feeling. This is not your Mom's "hot water bottle".
By Lexi on 6/19/2018
Overall Rating
Wow.. we didn't realize what we were missing without this kit. Used for about 2 months and works very well. Super easy to put together and hasn't affected the normal shower head. Totally has improved cleanliness and confidence for me. If you want to feel clean for every day or special days.. this does the trick.
By Franco on 6/1/2018
Overall Rating
Product seems to be made of quality materials. Adjust pressure using the cutoff valve and not the faucets because if set too low will draw air into the nozzle.
By Zion on 4/28/2018
Overall Rating
Good quality metal - no plastic here at all. There is an issue however. It's very difficult to control the 'velocity' of the water using the larger nozzle. That's been my experience. I had not, however tried using the smaller nozzle. I did that, and have found that this is much, much more effective and easier to use and control. I don't have the issues I had when trying the larger nozzle.
I was a bit disappointed that the nozzle didn't work out well for me, but am satisfied with the product's overall performance.
By Grady on 1/15/2018
Overall Rating
I ordered this product to use it exactly as intended, and have used it for plenty of things past those purposes. It works great for enemas, it heats up quickly so it doesn't freeze your ass, and fits in a little tight for people who aren't used to putting things in places they usually don't. If you order this I'd suggest buying an extra hose to make it more convenient. I found it really good for cleaning out the shower. It handles a lot of pressure and heat well. I ordered this hose about 6 months ago and have used it at least 4 times a month.
I'll list the pros and cons;
-I can't find anything as cheaply priced for enemas- without being potentially unclean-
-Very convenient. You don't need a special attachment for anything, it goes on most shower hoses.
-Super easy to clean- as it should be; this is something designed to go unclean places. It should clean easy.
-Comfortable and easy to use- I've bought enema bottles, they don't feel too great most times. This slides easily in.
-Durable- I've dropped this sucker pretty hard on tile plenty of times, and the tile/metal don't care- it looks like the day I bought it. It comes with 2 extra gaskets, and I don't see any of the other parts breaking or leaking any time soon.
-It works- enema bottles and laxative and all of those never worked for me, this works- no guarantee needed, it's water.
-Easy to set up/put away, all of the parts come apart easily, but stay tight when you need them to.
-It might be a little big to easily put inside, but once its in it slides easily.
-Its appearance is very normal. For people with children/family who wish to be discreet about this, many people won't recognize what this is used for especially if it is in parts.
-It's slick, which is great for entry, but not great if you want to hold it in while it does its job.
-You can't go past the rod- (I have) Technically you can, but pulling it back out can damage your ring, because the part where hose meets rod is very rough. The hose isn't that rough, but not super comfortable either.
-Its shape is very straightforward but could be awkward especially for people with inexperience.
-It heats up quickly, so if you don't have the right temperature, or the temperature changes without your notice (roommates, family cause water temperature change), it can burn/chill VERY quickly.
-The hose it comes with isn't long enough. A lot of people say this- and it is kind of true. I don't have any trouble using it in the shower standing/kneeling but if I want to sit in the shower I have trouble. My shower head isn't very high, so I can imagine troubles for someone with a tall shower-head. It would be very convenient to use this at the toilet, and if I had double the hose that would be no problem. Hoses aren't hard to find - so this is a very minor inconvenience.
-Unless you're a veteran, you're going to want to use lube/lotion etc. It's big enough.
This enema system is worth it. I'd buy it before anything expensive, or anything based off of silicone or rubber- the dildo shaped enema kits could easily wear and become unclean as they are porus.
If you're not very good at putting things in places, you might want to look into the rubber based ones- but fact is- they won't last as long, or be as clean/convenient.
By Micah on 8/1/2017
Overall Rating
just what i expected. very easy to install.
By Journey on 7/22/2017
Overall Rating
This was my first time making a purchase of this nature, and I can tell you that as a first-timer I am very grateful for the knob that lets you control the intensity of the stream. Still getting used to the sensations involved, but very pleased overall!
By Brodie on 9/4/2016
Overall Rating
Does the trick and easy to remove from view after use. Plus it's great to use for rinsing shower after cleaning.

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