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Clone A Willy


Brand: Empire Labs

Availability: Out of stock

Make an EXACT Vibrating rubber copy of any Penis right from your own home! The world's most unique and personal sex toy! This kit contains simple, easy to follow instructions and everything you need to make a life-size rubber vibrating dildo. Contains no latex. 1 AA Battery not included.
Make an EXACT Vibrating rubber copy of any Penis right from your own home! The world's most unique and personal sex toy! This kit contains simple, easy to follow instructions and everything you need to make a life-size rubber vibrating dildo.

Note: Contains no latex. 1 AA Battery not included.

Customer Reviews

By Litzy on 7/18/2018
Overall Rating
Needs 2 people but does exactly what it says. If you want more vibe get a different vibe for it which is available for a reasonable charge.
By Voncile on 7/11/2018
Overall Rating
I was skeptical about this product because I read every single review, but went ahead with the purchase. I watched the instructional video on YouTube and studied the directions thoroughly before starting. Can I just say WOW!! The intricate detail of the clone is amazing! It's an almost exact replica of my favorite member! I had minor issues with getting the vibrator in the right spot and it shows through a tad, but overall I am very impressed. It was really fun to do with my partner and it's even sexier to use the clone with him! Best art project ever!!!!
By Roy on 6/20/2018
Overall Rating
I advise starting with the novice kit first! No joke this was a ton of fun with my lady... due to the reviews and afraid of losing my intensity I poured what I could into the tube and it was most of the mix at 1 minute but I didn't scrape the bowl so roughly 2inches were missing! Haha fun time though and luckily the part that's left is still worth it, very detailed and usable! I recommend for couples only as it would be hard to do by self. Btw, you got 2 minutes no doubt!
By Patrick on 6/19/2018
Overall Rating
I followed the directions to a T, used the advice of some reviewers, had everything open, ready, precut, cockring, etc. It turned out great. used a razor blade to trim the mold when finished. The only problem I had was as I was doing for a surprise I was alone so keeping up to my full potential, while mixing and stirring was difficult. I didn't get a replica of me at my best but this isn't the products fault. Next time I'll probably do with the Mrs for a hand or 2 with that issue. Read and follow the directions exactly, have everything prepped, think and plan ahead, find away to get and stay hard, and you'll be happy with your purchase.
By Dylan on 6/2/2018
Overall Rating
A great date night idea. My GF is about 400 miles away so when she came to town this was a lot of fun. We had a great time preparing for it.
By Amos on 5/10/2018
Overall Rating
This took me a few tries to get it to my satisfaction. I HIGHLY recommend having someone help you with this. Being that you need to stay up, measure the water temperature, the volume of the water, as well as mix the batter, it's no small feat for one person to achieve success without making a mess.
To expedite the process on round two, I made a few tweaks to my method. Instead of stirring the batter and water with an egg beater, I used a protein shaker for a speedy mix. Also, instead of measuring the water into a measuring cup, I marked the required amount of water on a water bottle, then cut around that level with a razor to fill it to the exact amount. The only thing which required any concentration was reading the thermometer with the 2.0 mix method.
The detail was very impressive! It's more of a gag than a functional toy. The final product was very grainy and I can't imagine it feeling too good.
I gave the final product to my ex along with a pair of slippers. Why the clone a willy? This way if she didn't like the slippers, she could go F herself!
By Iris on 2/14/2018
Overall Rating
My husband and I bought one of these a couple years ago and it worked very well. Read ALL the directions, tips, and watch the video! We used all the tips and it came out perfectly. This one is a gift for a lingerie shower.
By Rudolf on 12/13/2017
Overall Rating
Works well but easy to screw up and end up with a flat spot on the clone if you don't get the curved instructions right. Also if you don't follow the directions precisely it's easy to ruin your mold. Has to be the EXACT temp, and the EXACT time's it specifies. Sometimes can be tricky to keep your member excited for this product while having to concentrate on doing it right. Definitely need a second person to help with this. But, done right, makes an EXACT duplicate, down to the smallest vein and ridge.
By Allyson on 8/4/2017
Overall Rating
This product was pretty awesome and a lot of fun to make. Even if it's not used for it's intended purpose the whole experience is a fun night with your significant other.
By Leopoldo on 4/24/2017
Overall Rating
Although it took two of these kits to clone my meat bat, It worked great!
By Riley on 2/10/2017
Overall Rating
This is a great product and great fun for a date night. You really need to take note of the timing and temperature for a good product so read the instructions a few times before you start.
By Abraham on 11/29/2016
Overall Rating
I can't tell you how much fun this was to do together if you looking to giggle and try something new and fun this is a cheap night of entertainment that comes with a souvenir, recommend buying 2. The resulting toy is ok not high quality is a little rough to the touch and hardens even more with time, but it's very personal and accurate.
By Giovani on 7/18/2016
Overall Rating
Worked great, I did not use the vibrator since my girth isn't much bigger than the vibrator itself and I didn't want to mess it up. It shows every vein wrinkle and groove. The color was nice and when the willy is compared to my penis the willy is actually a little bigger in girth. No complaints.
By Mark on 5/26/2016
Overall Rating
I've used this product before and I decided I needed more! I am very pleased with the results and am glad to say that I actually received damaged goods, but they were promptly replaced. I enjoyed the customer service and the product.
By Lyric on 3/6/2016
Overall Rating
It performed as expected although a bit difficult to use. good experience over all.
By Donald on 1/4/2016
Overall Rating
Made a perfect replica which my wife keeps under her pillow when I am on the road
By Brahh on 11/20/2015
Overall Rating
This was so fun and turned out great! Bought another one just to do again!

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