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Colt Expandable Butt Plug


Brand: Colt

Availability: In stock

Latex and rubber inflating butt plug with easy purge valve. You can easily inflate this butt plug with the rubber pressure bulb. Inflate the butt plug to your desired size for maximum anal pleasure. Measurements: 4.5 inches in length, 1.5 inches in width uninflated; 6.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width inflated. Material: PVC, ABS plastic. Color: Black
Latex and rubber inflating butt plug with easy purge valve. You can easily inflate this butt plug with the rubber pressure bulb. Inflate the butt plug to your desired size for maximum anal pleasure.

Measurements: 4.5 inches in length, 1.5 inches in width uninflated; 6.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width inflated

Material: PVC, ABS plastic

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

By Tyrese on 6/30/2018
Overall Rating
This thing is large and difficult to insert, or so I am told since it was a gift. It seemed sort of like a latex balloon
By Justus on 6/28/2018
Overall Rating
Got my order today extremely pleased with the product i cant get it in all the way yet but i will the product is made well and very sexual
By Zaria on 6/1/2018
Overall Rating
I like this item, it is great for the woman. Got it perfect! Came in great, packaged right. Shipped to me where I wanted! In a box that was discreet!
By Fawn on 1/25/2018
Overall Rating
I gave this five stars cause its a great product! I used this product as a gag gift at a bachelor party.and worked flawless till the party becomes excessive and they pop it like a balloon. I would recommend this product!
By Rashad on 1/22/2018
Overall Rating
This is a great way to make your anus wider. I've had mine for about 2-4 months now and it hasn't popped or leaked at all. I've gone up to 9-10 pumps without an issue (obviously you have to slowly progress to that volume). It doesn't seem cheaply made at all. I RECOMMEND!
By Henry on 1/15/2018
Overall Rating
I love making stretching videos and this toy is GREAT for that. However, I have had 3 pop in me. Not sure if it's a production issue or from excessive use and over inflation :) Sitting here thinking about ordering another one now...I do miss it so. As a pro, I may need something a little thicker...
By Brenden on 6/19/2017
Overall Rating
This is great! I do have to say though it IS made of latex so for any of y'all like me who are allergic watch out. I found that rolling a non-latex condom over it works, but if y'all are REALLY allergic I wouldn't buy this product. Everything worked like it was suppose to and it does air up quite nicely. I recommend for fun with others or by yourself it does the desired job.
By Kaleb on 3/26/2017
Overall Rating
Probably one of the more sturdy anal expanding plugs I've had. Most of the toy can be disassembled if need be and reattached, there isn't much fear of breakage.
As is expected, the balloon will warp in shape as it gets larger, this isn't a drawback as it's expected.
-Goes in easy, doesn't need much lube
-Expansion is easy as hell to control and feels amazing.
By Tobias on 3/3/2017
Overall Rating
WOW!! Got this to share with my wife, she is more crazy about it than me! I plugged it into her first, gave it 5 or 6 squeezes, and she went through the roof! I am still waiting for my turn! Now she can't hardly wait to use it, it seems sturdy, well made, maybe a bit hard, but went in smoothly. Has a bit of a funny "rubber" odor to it, but seems to go away with the first wash.
By Clinton on 2/3/2017
Overall Rating
This is a very good product... for its price you get what your paying for, its basically a heavy duty rubber balloon over a cheap plug and it can deffinently burst with too much tension... the balloon doesnt inflate evenly however i can barely get this up to 3 pumps, and cannot even tell that the balloon isnt even. I am looking for a more durable more long lasting inflatable but this is deffinently a good find.
By Lauren on 12/26/2016
Overall Rating
This device is by far the best toy I have purchased in a long time. If your not used to big toys or just want to get a full feeling while having sex or masturbating. This toy will do it. Men, if you want to orgasm harder and faster than ever. Insert, pump a few times and stroke. Your guaranteed to break you own record. Ladies, want to fill yourself while getting pounded? This will be the best thing to get a nice full feeling and strengthen your orgasm as well.
Size is as I expected. Inflates a lot more than expected. Durable. Easy to clean. Easy to insert. Easy to remove. Highly recommend this for both sexes.
By Thomas on 11/16/2016
Overall Rating
Though using a butt plug is a big step for a guy, it pays huge dividends when it comes to orgasms, due to the pressure it puts on your prostate. Obviously this would be hard to use during intercourse, but it's a nice touch "other activities."
By Shawn on 3/21/2016
Overall Rating
Was what I was looking for. Holds up well,easy to wash and doesn't feel like it will give blow out.
By Kennedi on 1/4/2016
Overall Rating
Plug slides in pretty easy and when in is comfortable wife enjoys and can wear for long periods of time also fells good when put in me
By Jack in the box on 12/1/2015
Overall Rating
I gotta say, this thing is HUGE. Large diameter that rivals the largest plug in my 3 piece beginners training set. The "free lube" is a single use little packet that will spill everywhere if you don't use it all immediately while trying to do it right.
Quick shipping, HUGE size, no overwhelming odor. Good purchase for those into this type of thing. I just won't be able to use it for a while. Lol. Cleans up nicely, though I am a little worried about where the tube connects to the base.
By Googie on 11/14/2015
Overall Rating
Good plug. Seems to be pretty well made, and I have no fear of the rubber outer layer popping or tearing like similar plugs do. There is nothing better than pumping it up and pushing it out and back in. Amazing feeling that only an expandable plug can create and the Colt version does not disappoint. I wish they would sell other sizes as well, with larger base sizes, so you could really work up to larger and larger sizes of other toys.
Minor complaint: The Pump/bulb likes to slip off a bit too easy. Fortunately the other side (the hose) stay connected pretty well. 1 star is lost for this because it makes it not above and beyond expectations.
By Snookie on 11/11/2015
Overall Rating
This is the greatest toy i have bought! It feels absolutely amazing inside. The Pumps are reasonably sized, it came in a discreet package, it has no bad odor, and the price was reasonable. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a nice full feeling inside you.

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