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Deluge Deluxe Black Enema Set


Brand: CleanStream

Availability: In stock

Made from quality heavy rubber, this Black Enema Set is a great buy. Because of its durability, you will be able to enjoy the great features of this set for a long time. Each part of this set can be easily stored and packed to use on the road. Set Includes: One enema bag that can hold up to 1 gallon of fluid. Four tips for enema bag. Flexible hose. Stainless steel clamp and carrying case.
Be confident and be prepared thanks to this deluxe Black Enema Set! It includes everything you need for a thorough and pleasurable cleanse. The durable rubber bag can hold up to a gallon of fluid, and the long flexible hose makes it easy to administer. Four different shaped smooth enema tips--wide, thin, long, or stemmed--allow you to choose what works best for you. Everything fits conveniently in the leather storage case for safe-keeping or traveling.

Measurements: Bag holds up to 1 gallon of fluid. Hose is approx. 6.5 feet long.

Material: Rubber hose and bag; stainless steel clamps; leather case; ABS plastic enema tips.

Color: Black.

Note: Also includes storage case.

Customer Reviews

By Kenny on 5/3/2016
Overall Rating
Very high quality. I am very satisfied.
By 420 on 12/9/2015
Overall Rating
I used to have 3 other portable enema sets. I threw them out after receiving this. It hangs over the shower head - so I don't have to worry about pressure/will it fit over the sink nozzle. And I love the black carrying case. Nobody, but you & TSA, have to know what's inside.
By Booski on 11/12/2015
Overall Rating
I think you'll really like this set. When I first saw it years ago, I thought it was too BDSM/fetishy. But after a while, I realized, damn, it's so freaking sexy so I had to have it.
The bag itself is very nice, as are the S hook and carrying case. The bag does not have that strong rubber/latex smell that some fetishists and klismos enjoy. I'm not one of them so I was delighted that it didn't not have a sharp chemical odor. The bag seems to hold more than four quarts, closer to five and a half quarts and with it being an open-top bag, it is easy to refill if you're taking a series of enemas. The bag is thick and does not buckle under the weight of the water nor become unstable and tip over. The S hook does a great job keeping everything elevated and free from spillage. It is covered in plastic which makes it less likely to slip and slide. The carrying case is a discreet black case. The bag and all accoutrement, along with extras, such as suppositories, lubricant, gloves, unionized salt and baking soda, a few adult toys, etc. You could carry it on a busy subway and no one would be the wiser.
The hose is very thick, think Twizzler licorice sticks only thicker and less pliant, and the clamp is too weak to stay closed so you're going to have to find something else to hold it closed. The hose looks bigger in diameter the usual white hose provided in drug store red bag kits but it is the same diameter. Only the walls are thicker so it looks larger than it is.
The The nozzle tips were smaller than I expected since most close up photos make them seem huge so I was pleasantly surprised that these would not feel like inserting a watermelon in my nether regions. The tips were rough and I had to file them down and buff them so they wouldn't scrape my delicate insides so fully investigate the tips before you use yours.

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