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Monarch Noir Nipple Vice


Brand: Master Series

Availability: In stock

Add some style to your BDSM play with these Black Japanese Clover Clamps! Made to grip on the nipples with pressure being applied when chain is pulled. Just imagine your bad little subs nipples being squeezed and pulled!
A timeless classic. The Monarch Nipple Vice provides a light initial sensation...until the chain is pulled. They become increasingly harsh as more tension is added to the chain. The clover-style mechanism gives the Monarch a tight and unyeilding grip on sensitive flesh. Ideal for solo play or with the one you want to dominate.

Measurements: Clamps are 3.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, Connecting chain is 12 inches long

Material: Metal

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

By Matha on 8/17/2017
Overall Rating
These are for ADVANCED play only. These come with some serious clamping power, which only increases with a pull of the chain.
By Kristin on 6/28/2017
Overall Rating
These work as described. Need a little time getting use to them. Cheaply made yet they have held up well.
By Ainsley on 6/5/2017
Overall Rating
Little warning!! Unless you and/or her enjoy a really hard pinch, you'll need to find something a little less "tight" because, these babies REALLY pinch!!
By Athena on 11/25/2016
Overall Rating
Not much else to say about clover clamps. They bite. Hard. These aren't for people who are new to nipple torture by any stretch of the imagination.
By Emerson on 6/15/2016
Overall Rating
This work really well...too well actually. I wish there was a way to change the amount of pinch it gives. So far, it's too much to even put on. I have no idea how someone can use these, let alone pull them tighter!
By Addyson on 2/7/2016
Overall Rating
Great quality and very strong clamp. They never slide off unlike other sets. Great for nipples and labia. A little much for clit clamping though. FYI - they can't be adjusted so hopefully you can handle the pressure! Also, they get stronger as the chain is pulled.
By Shaun on 2/4/2016
Overall Rating
These are great! I wouldn't recommend using these if your pain tolerance is low (or you have high sensitive nipples). These pack of a heck of a bite. When pulled you might scream from the pain. If used on flesh you can pinch, these will leave marks when pulled (I've tried it on my breasts and they leave red marks for a few hours). That might be a better alternative than just jumping into putting and pulling them off your nipples (if you are new to these/low pain tolerance). On the tolerance chart I'd say these are a firm medium to medium high. I wouldn't wear them over 20 minutes for safety reasons (if you can even tolerate that long). If left on for 10 minutes or so they can cause soreness for a few days (which if you aren't into might be a turn off). These are of great quality (no metal smell). The teeth don't match up perfectly but I'm not sure if they are suppose to. The chain is a nice weight. For the price these are amazing! I plan on buying a 2nd pair!
Note: if you plan on using these in the genital or anal region be aware that you can't really sanitize this product (I'm not sure what alcohol will do to the metal/paint). So please don't use these in those areas if you plan to share.
By Tart on 1/23/2016
Overall Rating
So I bought these in the ever persistent search for the proper amount of nipple stimulation for my wife's shy ones. Most have been too loose or ill suited to staying attached for anything but the briefest time. It is not that I do not tighten them properly, since they stay on me just fine, but when trying to tug they just pop of her. So these are spring loaded clips with black rubber pads in the points, but the pads have five raised bumps or enhancers, and it is these that cause the "pain". Since I try all the clips first, I found these were not enjoyable. Placing and having them grip without fiddly screws was nice but immediately I could tell that these were on the pain side of the pain/pleasure line. That may be perfect for you, but that was not what level of sensation I wanted from them. After examining and finding the pads and bumps to be the likely problem I went to fix it. Cutting the pads to remove the bumps did not go well (uneven and rough cuts) and replacing the pads while showing promise would take time. Ordered a second set and this time, using an Exacto knife, some sand paper, and bright lighting, I was able to remove the bumps and leave a smooth surface. The look of surprise and pleasure on wife's face after attaching one to her nipple and one to mine and using my body to pull was amazing.
So to sum it up. Pain level is there right from the start and builds, but I did not go that far. if that is your thing these may be perfect. If pleasure is more your goal, be prepared to do some work, but these are the only pair that have done the trick to date.

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