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Clitoris Excitement and Enhancement System

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The Clitoris Excitement System is everything you need to immediately increase your clit sensitivity, and perhaps increase your clit size in the long run. The three included cylinders allow different sensations. Once a cylinder has been put in place and air has been pumped out of it, the pump can be removed, but the cylinder will stay vacuum sealed. This allows the user to keep pressure on a particular spot for extended lengths of time.

Applying a vacuum to any spot on the body draws blood to that spot. Increased blood flow increases sensitivity. So using the pump and a cylinder, the clit can immediately be made more sensitive.

For enlargement purposes the cylinder will need to be worn for longer periods and on a regular schedule.

The system also includes on very effective micro clit vibrator, so the user can take advantage of their now more sensitive clit. Bullet includes 3 LR44 Batteries

Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Clitoris Excitement and Enhancement System

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  1. This absolutely helped my girlfriend regain sensitivity in her nipples that were left somewhat numb after surgery. When used on her clit she was swollen so much and came so easily.

  2. This product is nicely packaged with individual places in the package. There are no instructions so it’s best to go in search of instructions if you are not good at figuring out mechanical devices. This is a standard hand pump but in plastic, due to being new the first squeeze on the handle it wouldn’t move and I was a little scared to squeeze harder because it felt like the handle could easily break. So I just lightly squeezed it over and over and wiggled the handle to loosen it up. It took a few minutes for the lube inside to loosen it up and allow the first full pull.
    The cylinders are nice and comfortable to use. If you are FTM the larger cup should work but if growth goes beyond they do have the larger cylinders that will work with this unit that can be purchased separately.
    The mini vibrator has decent vibration, again no instructions so be warned there is a plastic or cardboard spacer in there so the watch batteries don’t have contact. It is hard to see where the lid is at but just try both ends and it will easily unscrew when you discover the right one. The lid also has a small dial on it to increase/decrease and turn it off. Make sure it’s turned fully to off to save the 3 little batteries.
    Another thing to note is that when using the product there are no warnings. So remember not to leave it on to long or if painful. These products can cause vascular damage if you pump to much suction into it and or too long. I highly suggest doing a google search for how to properly pump. Also use a little lube inside (water based not Vaseline since the products are plastic and really no one sure use petroleum products in that region) to keep from causing any rubbed-irritated spots. This should be a slightly enjoyable practice not painful so if there is any pain stop!
    Now again back to FTM use, this is an excellent starter kit! For the price you are getting 3 cylinders. If I had ordered it prior to starting HRT, the small cup would of been perfect. I’ve been on HRT 5 months and the medium is perfect. Since I was using a DIY medical syringe before I’m finding right now one pump is fine to start. As I progress looks like I will have to make the suction a little stronger but this should be a slow process and not over night results! The point is to do it consistently and frequently to start stretching the connecting tissue.
    The cylinders are easy to clean, you do have to squeeze in the little medical tabs on top to connect and disconnect from the hose. Give a slight tug to ensure your locked before trying it on yourself. Again these are fairly standard looking cylinders and the size matters products should connect into this unit just fine.

  3. Haven’t really had the chance to fully use it used twice. But so far out of the two times using it have had no problems.

  4. perfect no problem wit the product at all every part descripted was ok and the quality is good recommend it

  5. This is my first pump I ever used on my clit and it took a while to get used to the sensation and how to use it. Of course I didn’t expect for this to be metal..lol so I’m not expecting it to last. The cylinders are very good…but my mom didn’t know what it was and threw away my two smallest….I just laughed…but this is a great begginers kit to me.

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