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Come On Me Carmen 3D Love Doll with Head

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Carmen is inviting you to plunge deep into her sexy mouth, tight pussy, and waiting ass. Made of realistic SexFlesh material, she feels just like the real thing! Expertly designed for extreme realism, the dual density design allows for realistic firmness in strategic spots. All of her inner love tunnels are studded with sensational ribbing for incredible pleasure, and will offer a powerful grip! Watching her pretty face and flowing mane as you stroke back and forth inside her, while she presents herself for your pleasure, is enough to send you over the edge. Perfectly sized for easy handling, while maintaining a delicious weight and realistic feel for an ultra lifelike fuck. Realistically textured to stimulate the feeling for real flesh. Once you have tried Carmen you will be hooked!

Measurements: 24 inches in total length, 11 inches in width, 6 inches tall

Material: SexFlesh (TPR), plastic, nylon

Color: Flesh

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Come On Me Carmen 3D Love Doll with Head

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  1. You don’t have to go and buy all the extra stuff to get your money’s worth. Just go by some lube and your good to go! The only thing I dont like about this product is clean up…But that’s not really the products fault. Definitely not life size but big enough to still have a good time with. Far superior to one of those cheaper pocket pussies. Feels better and you can lay it down on the bed. Really easy to hide because it’s so small, which is actually a plus. If she was much bigger then I would have a hard time using her as much cause it has to be done in secret.

  2. Great all around. Negatives are peeling top layer skin, eye lashes coming out, bad wig. Otherwise very good if you can get it on sale.

  3. Great product. Does take some getting used to. Water based lube is a must as well as baby powder or corn starch to keep the skin smooth. Corn powder does not have any smell but is more course than baby powder. Both seem to work equally well. While it is small I cannot imagine something larger due to the weight issues. Because it is so spongy it seems heavier than a solid of the same weight would be. As for the hair, hair ties should be used to manage it. The extra price for the head is worth every penny. The lack of arms and legs is not so much an issue but to have no head….that is just to much to have to imagine. Plus the mouth feature could easily be the best of all three openings. This item seems to be the most economical of all such items for what you get. The next step up after this item is about 4 times more in cost. Is is worth noting that the size of this item does make storing it more easy. I would suggest saving the shipping box for storage reasons as it is far more discrete than the actual product box.

  4. Great doll. Suits it’s purpose well! Wig and eyelashes were bad and unsupported neck were hang-ups, but as stated, it took care of the job! Keep up the good work!

  5. Ok so… the vaginal tunnel is textured as realistic as it gets, i have a meiki extreme pleasure hip and the vag tunnel is very similar, but the addition of a head/face adds to the experience 10x. The anal tunnel is different to the vag tunnel but thats a good thing, they’re both very good. There is even a board in her spine that keeps her from folding in half and acting like a blob. The only disappointment is the mouth tunnel, its about 1 inch deep and completely smooth. Now the smooth part isnt the prob its the 1 inch deep part. It is useable but she’ll only suck the very tip of ur dick and her face will contort to look like she has down syndrome. Even so with some imagination its doable. But basically buy this for the vag/anal tunnels because they rock. Plus they actually spent time making them different and like i said they remind me of the extreme pleasure hip but with a head. Now she does kinda look perpetually scared but thats ok… Buy it. Its worth the price especially if u catch it on sale. Btw the seduce me scarlett doll is exactly the same it just has diff colored eyes/ hair. So either one is a good buy. It arrived very fast and very discreet. Overall def worth 4-5 stars. Just do it. You wont be disappointed. And if i didn’t say it already. she looks a lot better in person than in the pics, just get it already cause for the price you wont do better. Thank me later.

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