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Clearly Ample Penis Enhancer


Brand: Size Matters

Availability: In stock

Men can enjoy a bigger, thicker, longer lasting erection instantly, with no pills, creams, or devices! Simply slip this sheath over your own cock, hard or flaccid, and instantly enjoy your new pleasure rod. Lined internally with pleasure nubs, and featuring a semitransparent design to let your true self shine through, this realistic looking sheath is a great and simple way to be a porn star in your own bedroom! Measurements: Approx. 6.5 inches in length, approx. 1.75 inches in diameter at widest point, and an inside diameter of approx. 1.5 inches. Material: TPR. Color: Clear
Men can enjoy a bigger, thicker, longer lasting erection instantly, with no pills, creams, or devices! Simply slip this sheath over your own cock, hard or flaccid, and instantly enjoy your new pleasure rod. Lined internally with pleasure nubs, and featuring a semitransparent design to let your true self shine through, this realistic looking sheath is a great and simple way to be a porn star in your own bedroom!

Measurements: Approx. 6.5 inches in length, approx. 1.75 inches in diameter at widest point, and an inside diameter of approx. 1.5 inches

Material: TPR

Color: Clear

Customer Reviews

By Robert on 9/23/2017
Overall Rating
Feel is good but can't get it around ball sack. The nubs inside gives man some feeling of pleasure but wish this was made with a harness. Stretched ball sack hole until it broke. Saw others online with same material but no nubs and looks too smooth for her pleasure.
By Russell on 1/22/2017
Overall Rating
Doesn't work that great if he is not erect and definitely does not work if his testicles do not go through the "testicle holder" due to his testicles being retracted (testicles are too close to the body and do not hang down). Works great besides those issues.
By Sheldon on 9/10/2016
Overall Rating
Feels nice for both bottom fun and top fun
By Chris on 3/12/2016
Overall Rating
Thought it would be larger. I'm already as big as this but it did add girth. My wife said it felt like a dildo. If you want a little added girth, this will do but if you want a massive sleeve, get the fat jack penis sleeve.
By Jessa Bell on 1/7/2016
Overall Rating
As I'm writing this, I still can barely feel my legs hours after the event ;) I deducted 1 star for reduced male sensation. While I wouldn't recommend using it on a daily basis as I enjoy feeling my partner, this toy is a fantastic edition to spice things up. It definitely feels like a dildo, but I enjoy it so much more when it's being pounded into me by my man. I do use toys on occasion, but nothing replaces the feeling of lovemaking with two body entangled between the sheets & this gives the best of both worlds. Yes, it is big & caused some initial discomfort, but as long as you take it slow at first, within a few minutes you'll be clutching the sheets in ecstasy. The easiest way for me was to begin with me on top. My partner unfortunately said that he could barely feel anything, but he did utter some moans when I ground him in a circular motion & said he could probably finish that way. Too bad. I came hard & quick, & felt bad when my boyfriend couldn't. Then magic happened when he suddenly flipped me over & began pounding me from behind! Tears fell from my eyes & I moaned (correction:screamed with my mouth full of the sheets to avoid scaring the neighbors) in -slight- pain & ecstasy. My partner got so horny &...animalistic that he ripped the extension off, slapped my ass HARD with it & exploded in me within seconds. So... win win? My boyfriend can get selfish/lazy in bed sometimes & I figured he would refuse to use this if it didn't get him off, but the noises I made alone were enough for HIM to dig his nails deep into my back the entire time & get so close to the edge that he didn't care. 15 seconds of regular sex made him come as hard as I did, so men PLEASE do not worry about sensation because you will love it either way. Sidenote: This did leave me slightly stretched out, but it seems very temporary & within a day things should be back to normal. He is thick but on the lower end of average in length, & I could still feel him immediatly after the event once we soaked up some of the juices that were still flowing out of me to gain some traction.
By Nicholas on 12/17/2015
Overall Rating
My wife and I have tried several of these enhancers, some good, some not so good. This is definitely a good one!
It's made from "TPR" or thermoplastic rubber, whatever that is. It's not jelly, and really has no odor, but it's not silicone either. It's relatively very easy to stretch the ring at the base around your balls. The level of firmness is very good. It has a super smooth finished surface, which my wife finds a bit distracting, but not so much that she doesn't enjoy it.
What she really likes about this is the size. Colossus has an amazing texture that feels real, but it's quite a bit thicker and longer, so long that it pinches her cervix in a way that's not comfortable for her, so I have to be conscious of not going too deep. With this item, there's no worry about that, and I can go to town, which is very liberating.
In terms of size, your mileage may vary, because it is squishy and stretches, somewhat. I'm just under 6" long and 1.25" dia., with this piece on I am easily 7" long and 2.25" dia. at the base. It's thinner near the tip and gets wider at the base, which my wife really seems to enjoy.
As soon as I got this, I grabbed a large nail with a pair of pliers, heated the nail on a gas flame, and melted a hole at the tip, to let air into the chamber. If you do this it is much easier to put on, and I find it feels better for me. With lots of lube, I slip around inside it, so we both enjoy it more. Without an air hole, the suction effect is quite strong, which some may enjoy, but I get a painful hickey on my tip.
A word about these things in general: I never felt particularly insecure about my size, but I have always fantasized about having a huge cock. Wearing these toys gives me such a confidence boost, it's hard to explain. Feeling the weight and seeing the increased size is simply thrilling to me. And in terms of my wife's experience, we have used dildos together since we met over 20 years ago. Instead of manipulating a dildo with my hand, I'm using my own cock to move it, so it actually feels perfectly natural and amazing. We don't use these every time, but when we do, she always has more than one orgasm, and hearing her say "give it to me, I love it!" in the heat of passion, again I can't explain it but it's fantastic. Have fun!
By Arthur on 12/4/2015
Overall Rating
I just wanted to surprise my wife with something extra to mix things up. Although my wife uses a vibrator on occasion we don't have any other toys. It's not as if she has a drawer full of giant dildos, etc. or is experienced inserting large items of any sort into her vagina. So this is a first. Literally she has only had two partners and we've been together, monogamously, for 16 years - with three kids.
I'm pretty average in all respects when it comes to penis size - 5.5x4.75. Firstly, in all likelihood lube is required to get this thing on. Unless you are quite small in girth this enhancer will be a tight fit around you. The testicle ring does stretch nicely. I could easily stretch it around both of my closed fists. However, I had to be careful to not pinch or constrict the boys once the enhancer was on - I had to readjust a couple of times to relieve some pinching and binding during intercourse. The best bet is to trim or shave the `short and curlies' to reduce any hair pulling as well as make sure there is a good amount of testicle hang pulled through the ring. Note I didn't use any lube on my balls. Once it's on, though, it's on and it won't ever come off on its own. For me, I was inserted about 1 to 1.5" from the end. The manufacturer claims about 6.5" of insertable length, so that's about right.
The thing is sturdy and thick, even with the air gap mentioned above. I've read reviews of similar products that are either too hard or too soft and flimsy. This thing isn't any of those things. The Clearly Ample Penis Enhancer is the perfect middle ground of stiffness and flexibility, and my wife agrees. With it on it measured out to about 7.5" in length (8.5" bone pressed) and 6.25" in girth. Those measurements represent a 99th percentile unit in both length and girth respectively. So it emulates a really big penis!
Some women might at first be intimidated because, as I say, it acts as a really big penis, but not so stupidly and absurdly large that it's comical. However, my wife couldn't wait to get it inside of her. With a bunch of lube and thoughtful and progressive thrusting we had this thing balls deep, as it were, in no time. Anecdotally, I'm pretty certain size does matter by the way. I hardly needed to start doing much of anything and she was really really into it. Maybe it was the anticipation and actions of something new. Maybe it was because it was a bit kinkier than we normally are. But in all likelihood it was probably because of how it stretched her out, filled her up and was rubbing up into her cervix.
After having it on for more than 20 minutes the pressure was starting to build up for me. After 40 minutes my penis was just starting to have reduced comfort. For her, she just needed a few pit-stops for extra lube and was more than happy to press on. We continued the episode for an additional 20 minutes, all told with amazing results. Then after a bit of rest she wanted some more. So we put it back on and she came in quick succession. As for me, for a good period of pounding I was getting close to orgasm too. It literally felt akin to wearing a thick condom. Not as sensitivity as bare-back, obviously, but it was still very enjoyable. The suction from within the enhancer did deflect the internal nubs around which added some stimulation to my penis. We lasted the entire first hour before I had to finish. The enhancer was able to keep me from climaxing as quickly as I ordinarily would by at least a factor of two. And it allowed me to get right back at her again for her second round with no problems.
I was over the moon that I could give my wife that great intense satisfaction. And she was right f***ed! Again, I couldn't recommend this more if you have an average or smaller penis. The Clearly Ample Penis Enhancer is a size many men, including myself, wished we could have had by birthright, and only 10 out of 1000 men are lucky enough to actually be equipped with. This really can, and did, add an immediate extra punch to a love-life. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I can't wait to stuff it to her again tonight! Although I think I've created a new Size Queen. I better be careful...
By Beamer on 11/13/2015
Overall Rating
I got this with some other stuff to have a fun anniversary. She was skeptical at first but boy did she like it. I had to put a hole in it to let air out and it fit much better. I could feel more than I thought I would so it was good for me as well. She said it felt more realistic than most. Great play toy!

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