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Strict Leather Deluxe Locking Wrist Cuffs


Brand: Strict Leather

Availability: In stock

The Strict Leather Deluxe Leather Locking Cuffs are built from durable high quality leather for long hard use. They incorporate our locking buckle system for maximum security. They're 2 inches wide and reinforced with another 1 inch strap. They're not only beautifully crafted, but reasonably priced as well, Wrist cuffs are sized 9" in length (4.5 inch in diameter), Ankle cuffs are sized 11.5 inch in length (5.75 inch in diameter).
The Strict Leather Deluxe Leather Locking Cuffs are built from durable high quality leather for long hard use. They incorporate our locking buckle system for maximum security.

Measurements: 9 inches in circumference

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Note: Locks sold separately

Customer Reviews

By Byron on 6/4/2018
Overall Rating
After many years of using my old set it was time for a new set, both wrist and ankle cuffs.
With the fact that many sellers seem to think they can charge whatever they feel like, it is very hard to discern if paying more will actually mean that the product is of high quality (trust me I've been burnt)
These cuffs were of reasonable price, and the quality is very good, thus comfortable for extended wear.
I recommend the wrist and the ankle cuffs of this seller.
By Belen on 5/15/2018
Overall Rating
It was time for new ankle and wrist cuffs, because my old ones needed for 15 years of use. I took a lot of time researching before. There are a lot of products out there nowadays, and most are seriously overpriced and / or very poor quality. the leather is soft and the finish is so well done, that is wearing them all.
By Jenna on 2/25/2018
Overall Rating
Great look,they photograph well but aren't made for really small wrists.
By Ingrid on 2/16/2018
Overall Rating
These are very comfortable, strong and they seem to be well made.
By Audrina on 1/29/2018
Overall Rating
they are nice thick and sturdy. with time they give a little which is good because they fit very snug on my wrists with the tightest hole but were a little loose with the second tightest (i like snug-feeling cuffs). depending on your size/weight, they may be a little loose on your wrist from the beginning (definitely not coming off though ;)
By Wilson on 12/26/2017
Overall Rating
I got these for my wife. She loves them, and they are comfortable enough for long-term wear. They are very stiff and will need to be broken in, but that's due to the fact that they are real leather, and not pleather. I expect excellent long-term durability from these, and the locking buckle works perfectly.
By Korbin on 9/30/2017
Overall Rating
Very well made gear. Comfortable but stern in appearance. Ability to lock your sub in them with small suitcase locks is a definite plus.
By Konnor on 6/26/2017
Overall Rating
I bought two sets of these because I'm in the process of building me a couple of new bondage toys. Because the ones that I ordered when I receive them didn't fit the specifications I was looking for. Mind you I'm not talking about these cuffs. I am talking about other items that I purchased that were poorly put together and what I'm doing is I'm buying pieces of parts. Which these cuffs are parts so I can rebuild my own version of the other two items that I purchased that didn't quite make the grade. So to speak. But that's what these cuffs will be used for.
By Rishi on 4/20/2017
Overall Rating
Perfect. I paired these with the premium/deluxe collar. A really classy addition to the collection.
By Vincent on 10/5/2016
Overall Rating
excellent quality, worth the price!
By Clinton on 7/26/2016
Overall Rating
These are solid. Strict Leather is a good brand. Remember a friend had a set way back, and they were good then. I had had flimsy cheap-o alternatives recently, and they broke, then I thought it was time to invest.
These are great.
Last forever.
By Arjun on 6/30/2016
Overall Rating
a little big for the partner's wrist but very well made. the leather is fairly soft and no complaints about comfort for the wearer. Very secure as well.
By Nathaniel on 12/25/2015
Overall Rating
liked the first set so much bought her another
By Gismo on 12/12/2015
Overall Rating
High quality and glad I bought, but only fits on tightest setting and hard to cinch down that much and end crinkles. Comfortable.
By Kreatiff on 12/6/2015
Overall Rating
Stunning quality. Strict leather never fails to impress me with their beautiful products. Will fit a large range of sizes. The workmanship is just lovely.

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