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Strict Leather Narrow Fur Lined Locking Collar


Brand: Strict Leather

Availability: Out of stock

This collar is narrow at 1 1/4 inches wide for comfort and well built. It consists of two heavy duty leather straps and a thick strip of comfortable faux fur. The locking buckle on the back allows security while the three D-rings open up to all kinds of possibilities. This is yet another solidly built Strict Leather product. Eight sizing slots ensure a tight fit. Fits 13-19 inch necks.
This collar is narrow for comfort and well built. It consists of two heavy duty leather straps and a thick strip of comfortable faux fur. The locking buckle on the back allows security while the three D-rings open up to all kinds of possibilities. This is yet another solidly built Strict Leather product.

Measurements: Adjustable from 13-19 inches in circumference, 1.25 inches in width

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

By Rylee on 4/22/2018
Overall Rating
Extremely happy with quality! Made a sub very very ecstatic! Wears it all the time, and refuses to take it off :)
By Chase on 4/10/2018
Overall Rating
Super soft we both love it. great for kinking it up. I would highly suggest it for anyone, particularly if they like a little pet play
By Sherlyn on 12/26/2017
Overall Rating
Loved Loved Loved this item! fits extremely well and the quality is outstanding! have been wanting a collar for the longest time and finally i bought this one! glad i payed for a good one instead of saving money and going with a really cheap one. Has padded fury inside and is lockable if you have a padlock. Also has 3 rings to attatch a leash or puppy identification tag to it. Quality is outstanding!
By Victor on 12/24/2017
Overall Rating
There's so much junk out there that may look like a heavy duty collar, but these are the real deal. They're thick leather and are actually fairly well put together. The fur is really soft and I just really love this collar. Almost as much as my girl likes it ;)
By Kathern on 12/9/2017
Overall Rating
At times, I like to play the reluctant submissive. My man would have to force me to perform the favors that I usually do for him with little prompting. If he asks me to kneel down to suck him up, I just look down and stand there without moving. He threatens me to comply but the more I don't budge, the harder he get. Ultimately, he brings this collar out that I bought for myself to make me do what he wants. I obediently let him put it on. In some instances, he hooks the nipple clamps and pulls the chains through the side holes. While he pulls at those chains by each side of my neck, I do what he wants. At other times, he inserts an anal hook which he controls by pulling a rope on each side of the collar from the back. You do not need a lot of imagination to find uses for this collar. My only complaint is that although the padding is good to not rub around the neck so one does not have any chaffing, the activity makes you be a bit hot around the collar. Go and enjoy. Everyone can use a bit of kinky in their love life.
By Dorian on 10/27/2017
Overall Rating
Surprised my wife with this. We are not into any BDSM stuff but I do like to tie her up. Thought this might be good for that. Wife was not super enthusiastic about it but I thought she looked absolutly hot as hell with it on so she went with it. We have on only tried it once so far but I am hoping my enthusiam for the collar will rub off on her. ;) The soft lining was comfortable for her and leaves no marks when done.
By Jospeh on 8/24/2017
Overall Rating
nice strict leather product once again.
By Arturo on 8/20/2017
Overall Rating
It fits even my muse's small neck
By Susie on 12/13/2016
Overall Rating
My only concern was the quality of the material and I can honestly say it's very sturdy and comfortable. It fits both of us as well so I would say one size fits most as it's pretty adjustable. Also the extra rings are extremely handy for some new fun positions. I'd order this brand again without hesitation.
By Eve on 10/18/2016
Overall Rating
Much thinner and more comfortable than the same product in the "Heart 2 Heart" line (from which I have purchased the ankle & wrist cuffs, as well as the collar and whip). Worth the price: decent construction, uniform appearance, a little hot when wearing for extended periods (but that could be from over-tightening).
By Bryson on 4/21/2016
Overall Rating
very comfortable!
By Kiersten on 2/9/2016
Overall Rating
Excellent quality leather and lining. It went around a 16 1/2" neck with no problem and you can either tighten or loosen it so it fits most necks. Very happy with the quality and the purchase.
By Chloe on 1/30/2016
Overall Rating
What I received was a faux fur-lined collar with three rings in the front. The fur can get sort of hot and itchy. It is a sturdy collar that can withstand tugging and feels secure during wear.
By Perla on 1/22/2016
Overall Rating
I recently Bought this collar and I love it. It was bigger than I thought it was going to be but I was adjustable. It does get pretty hot around your neck after a while and after sweating so much but Its still really good. My partner and I both loved it very much when we used it. I feel like it is a very durable one that will definitely last a long time (especially with correct care). I have shown to friends with similar interests and they loved it as well. It is very comfortable as well.
By Tigger on 12/29/2015
Overall Rating
Very comfortable and made of high quality material. It's durable and is sure to add some fun to your bedroom activities. The collar is unisex sized and may prove to be too big for those with smaller necks. It can be trimmed down with the proper tools.
By Frust on 12/1/2015
Overall Rating
Fur makes this comfortable. Good looking and really adjustable.

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