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Strict Leather Short Handle Wide Head Riding Crop


Brand: Strict Leather

Availability: Out of stock

This classic crop has a springy handle and wide, flat head for simple, elegant discipline. The handle is made of leather with a steel cap finishing off the butt of the crop. This is an excellent crop at an excellent value.
This classic crop has a springy handle and wide, flat head for simple, elegant discipline. The handle is made of leather with a steel cap finishing off the butt of the crop. This is an excellent crop at an excellent value.

Measurements: 26.25 inches in length, 2.5 inches wide

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

By Abel on 9/19/2018
Overall Rating
very good quality for price. I know well enjoy this. very sturdy feeling, it has good snap to it. Recommend
By Jett on 9/8/2018
Overall Rating
My previous good crop disappeared. I think one of the Bordello girls kept it. I bought a replacement for it, but that crop wasn't very good. Then I tried this one. This one is better than my first crop.
The only thing this crop lacks is a short loop to put around my hand. Not that such a look is really important, but every other crop I've owned has had a loop!
The big flat pieces of leather at the end makes a good slap. The rod isn't cheap plastic like so many other crops. The handle is well made.
Overall, a win!
By Tippy on 8/31/2018
Overall Rating
Enjoyable, handle is nice leather, the tip is a bit broader than pictured. Has a good crack to it, and surprisingly doesnt hurt or sting that much.
By Helena on 8/27/2018
Overall Rating
Very well made despite the fact that the rod itself is made of a composite and not leather -- which means you need to go easy at first untill you find the "comfort zone" to apply the proper spankings.
Very good buy -- use with care and take your time learning to use it.
By Janet on 7/30/2018
Overall Rating
Appears durable, but time will tell. Provides just the right amount of "sting" for your enjoyment. I would recommend this product.
By Justus on 6/28/2018
Overall Rating
I loved the wide smooth leather tip. It gives a nice pop sound upon impact. It comes with a sturdy handle and decorative end cap. If you're looking to add to your collection or looking to buy a crop for the first time. I would recommend this one. It was cheaply priced and well packaged to prevent any damages in shipping. It arrived quickly and had discreet labeling. Enjoy!
By Clara on 6/23/2018
Overall Rating
Good quality and just small enough to fit in the hand well. Over all a great deal for the price and easy shipping.
By Hope on 6/13/2018
Overall Rating
Best crop ever. Doesn't really hurt. But it makes that snapping sound and it's so erotic. It's great. Worth every penny. Ready to get spanked all the time now.
By Irvin on 5/6/2018
Overall Rating
This is an absolutely SPECTACULAR crop for the price. Sturdy, and delivers a firm punch, and the leather just adds the the quality. A+ purchase
By Rheba on 2/26/2018
Overall Rating
sturdy and does the job ;) well made and the ladies love it definately recomend very flexible also dont hesitate
By Lexie on 1/28/2018
Overall Rating
Loved it until it broke. The head just came flying off. Oh well, got good use out of it!!
By Allan on 1/9/2018
Overall Rating
This wonderful product has brought my wife and I so much fun! Stings nicely, and offers a wonderful report after each swat! My only complaint was that the metal ring at the top of the handle slid off after first use- who cares!
By Noel on 6/3/2017
Overall Rating
Perfect for fun. I got this a prop.
By Marisa on 5/22/2017
Overall Rating
I very much liked this, but it's too long. Not practical for use in the bedroom. I would advise purchasing a shorter one.
By Shyanne on 4/2/2017
Overall Rating
Kink toy 4/5
Quick sharp pain, not longer intense blunt pain
By Itzel on 3/15/2016
Overall Rating
Not as cheap as expected. Its decent quality, and makes a amazing sound!!
By Big Bad Phil on 11/19/2015
Overall Rating
Spanking's one thing, but the moment I pulled this out my gf was on her knees begging. Well made and good crack to it. Would buy again but don't expect it to break any time soon even with 'heavy' use.

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