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Trinity Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner - 4 oz


Brand: Trinity Vibes

Availability: In stock

Keep your favorite pleasure products clean and safe with this anti-bacterial spray-on cleanser. Our unique cleansing agent gently cleans and disinfects surface bacteria, yet it is mild enough to use every time. Size: 4 ounces.
Keep your favorite pleasure products clean and safe with this anti-bacterial spray-on cleanser. Our unique cleansing agent gently cleans and disinfects surface bacteria, yet it is mild enough to use every time.

Size: 4 ounces

Customer Reviews

By Demetrius on 11/6/2017
Overall Rating
Works very good and is much safer than cleaning with other chemicals. I will order this item again soon. It works on many types of toys and has done no damage to the toys them self. I have tried other kinds but the is the best one so far. I would tell my friends to order this.
By Priscilla on 10/28/2017
Overall Rating
This product does well to clean up toys. It's got a low enough price that makes it a better option than dish soap. I like that it comes in a spray bottle so just spritz the toy a few times and wipe it down and you're good! Nice and quick cleanup. Would recommend this product to anyone who appreciates their toys being clean.
By Vida on 7/12/2017
Overall Rating
This stuff is great! It is a high quality product for an excellent price. It is 1/4 of the price of comparable products produced under other brand names. Similar formulas, same great results, 100% effective and hypo allergenic. The spray bottle makes the cleaner extra- easy to use and prevents you from wasting your money by using too much.
By Annabelle on 6/6/2017
Overall Rating
This clear works great which surprised me because other spray cleaners we tried don't feel like there cleaning. I like this stuff a lot it sprays on thick and actually feels like it cleans. The smell is nice way better than the last toy cleaner we purchased. The price is really good compared to the shops around here and definitely recommend.
By Elianna on 5/3/2017
Overall Rating
This cleaner works great I thought it be less effective since its a spray but actually its less clean up when you in the mood to get things going. Smells pretty good unlike most cleaners that have that smell like a hospital or some other disinfectant. It doesn't make even my jelly toys sticky which I had that issue with a few wipe brands. Can't wait to buy this again
By Jaime on 4/20/2017
Overall Rating
I got this for the toys because i needed true toy cleaner and not just regular soap and water. I have liked what it does as it makes toys look as good as they were before they were used during that session. you can use the cleaner before you due the session but I have not tried it so I do not know how that would work out with the feeling/burning that could be created.
By Kyle on 4/8/2017
Overall Rating
Only cleaner we use these days. We tried another and we noticed the toys we used it on caused me to break out, or get very uncomfortable in the insert-able area's of my body. To test our theory that it was the cleaner we sprayed it on a small area of skin at my wrist, I broke out in hives! WE IMMEDIATELY switched back to this one from Trinity Vibes, and won't be likely to change again.
By Theresa on 1/19/2017
Overall Rating
Exactly what I was looking for to help keep my own grown up toys safely clean. Of course I rinse the product after it's done it's thing (within a few minutes) and allow the toy to air dry. Apparently this product used to contain Triclosan, though the product I received does not have that at all. It is a good value for a decent size bottle... then again I may not use my toy as often as others. Works just fine for my purposes, though.
By Jeanne on 1/11/2017
Overall Rating
Kind of a weird review to write here. I'm sure soap and warm water would do the same thing as this product, but when you're dealing with something you want to keep extra clean, well, I figured the cost wasn't that much so it'd be worth buying something made specifically for certain, um, personal items :)
This bottle is small and discrete, and looks nice in the medicine cabinet in my bathroom - keeping my fingers crossed I don't accidentally grab it instead of my body spray on the way to work some morning. hahaha
By Macy on 8/26/2016
Overall Rating
This is a great product and a must to have on hand to keep our toys clean and fresh for their next use. I purchased 3 bottles to make sure we wouldn't run out. The price for the convenient 4 oz bottles was especially good and we are very pleased with the how this product cleans and refreshes our toys. There are many Anti-Bacterial cleaners on the market and I didn't want to buy a hugh bottle that wouldn't fit in our cabinet, this product fit our needs very well. The pump spray on these bottle works extremely well and give a full spray everytime. What more can you ask for.
By Shantell on 8/4/2016
Overall Rating
The cleaner works great !!!! and as its supposed to. It has a simple clean scent to it and you trust that your toy is clean. Will definitely by again when I need to restock.
By Myla on 6/30/2016
Overall Rating
I use this to clean my moon cup and vibrator and it works well! It's a good price and does the job.
By Madelyn on 3/4/2016
Overall Rating
When using personal tools you absolutely HAVE to make sure they are cleaned between uses, especially if you're going between oral, vaginal and anal. This is a great cleaner, easy to use and scent free. If they had this in a larger size I would purchase it.
By Dane on 2/3/2016
Overall Rating
I've been using it for years. I'm on my fourth bottle. I use it to clean all sorts of toys and I've never had an issue. Normally, I toss the toys in the sink, give them a good spritz-over, let them hang out for a few minutes and then rinse them off with the hottest water I can get to come out of the tap. If they look like they need any more attention, I might spray them again and give them a scrub down with a cloth and then another hot water rinse. I always let my toys air dry.
I've literally never (in my entire 31 years of life) had a yeast infection, so perhaps I'm just not as sensitive as some others are. All I know is that this spray keeps my toys clean and has had no adverse effects on me.
By wiggy on 1/6/2016
Overall Rating
Cleans well and has a light, pleasant smell. Looks like it'd last a good while, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Will def buy again when I eventually run out!
By Amari on 12/16/2015
Overall Rating
Does what it is supposed to do. I like that it's a spray cleaner, not a soap/gel cleaner. Just spray your toy, wipe it with a towelette, and you're good to go for round two. You don't even have to get out of bed to wash it off in the bathroom.
By Peppers on 11/13/2015
Overall Rating
This is great and easy to use. You just spray your toys, wait 30 seconds, wipe, rinse with warm water, then wipe again and you're done. DO NOT forget to rinse. This product is not edible and tastes bad if you forget to rinse.

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