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Van Buren Dilator Set - Large


Brand: Kink Industries

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The Van Buren sounds are about 27cm (10.5 inches) long and are J-shaped with a single curve near the tip. The flat handle side is made for holding and is easier to maneuver. There are eight sounds in the set with sizes ranging from 8FR (2cm in diameter) to 22FR (7cm in diameter). Many recommend this as a starter sounds kit becuase the J shape prevents sound from getting lost and the width of these sounds are reasonable. Sizes: Small: Run from 8 to 22 french. Large: Run from 18 to 32 french.
The Van Buren sounds are about 10.5 inches in length, with a J-shaped curve at the tip. The flat handle is made for holding, making it easier to maneuver. The 8 sounds range from 18FR to 32FR. Many recommend this as a starter sounding kit because the J jape prevents the sound from slipping in to far, and they have a moderate diameter.

Measurements: 10.5 inches in length

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Grey

Note: 8 sounds of varying diameters included

Customer Reviews

By Monk on 12/29/2015
Overall Rating
I loved the way the Van Buren dilators make their way through my shaft and down through to my prostate with no problem whatsoever. The curved end on each easily insert themselves with the help of gravity, not even pushing them at all. I sterilized them and lubed them before insertion. They have provided an immense amount of stimulating pleasure I have never received before. I highly recommend the purchase of the Van Buren Dilator set due to the tremendous amount of pleasure to be had for guys who like stimulation in their prostate and for those who generally love to use sounds/dilators for extra pleasure beyond regular masturbation to have some variety in their sex lives. The Van Burens were exactly what I had hoped for in the use of sounds.
By Memphis on 12/26/2015
Overall Rating
I consider this set to be ideal for intermediate to advanced players who seek extreme prostate stimulation via a technique other than anal.
Due to the medium-to-large size of these urethral sounds I strongly suggest that those who are new to urethral sounding and dilation start with a smaller diameter set.
This urethral sound set is designed to be inserted all the way into the bladder through the urethral opening where it actually cradles the prostate and sends waves of pleasure with even the slightest of movements.
SAFETY NOTE: Due to the steep j-bend design of the Van Buren sound set it is dangerous to remove or insert the sounds into an erect penis.
Again, the penis must be FLACCID DURING INSERTION AND REMOVAL ONLY, please. Also keep in mind that the j-bend should be pointing upward towards the prostate/navel, not downward toward the legs.
In my own opinion, basic understanding of the male anatomy is a MUST with this set.
I have found that a thick water-based lube such as Surgilube or K-Y Jelly work the best with this set as well as with urethral sounds and dilators in general.
A bit pricey if you can't find this set on sale but the quality is worth every penny and this set also comes with a handy, professional-looking case.
I believe that with ALL medical instruments in general it is best to keep this dilator set as clean and sterile as possible before, during and after use.
It is also my own personal opinion that medical products intended for penetration or fluid transfer not be used on multiple partners nor switched between body cavities such as anus to urethra.
Hope you enjoy this set as much as I do

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