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Vibrating Silver Bullet


Brand: Trinity Vibes

Availability: In stock

The "Bullet" is a silver colored oval, about 2 inches long and less than 1 inch in diameter. The control for vibration speed is attached to the bullet by a wire. Two AA batteries are required, and not included.
Simple, versatile, and powerful, this bullet is great alone or with another toy.

Measurements: 2 inches in length, 1 in diameter

Material: ABS

Color: Grey

Note: Requires 2-AA batteries, not included

Customer Reviews

By Madalyn on 2/4/2017
Overall Rating
My love bug is working out great! The price was just wonderful for my budget. Thanks for putting back the love in my bug.
By Monserrat on 4/24/2016
Overall Rating
This was my first vibe. I bought it because it was cheap and looked unintimidating, and I thought it might be fun to use with my boyfriend, with the remote and varying speeds. It works well. I've had it for about a month and have only replaced the batteries once so far.
By Lily on 12/28/2015
Overall Rating
It packs a BIG and MIGHTY PUNCH!! It was just what I was looking for to help with my orgasms. Mind you, it does eat through batteries like crazy, but I've learned to stock up on a 24 pack of AA batteries. Even on low battery power, it still manages to make me cum, but it's better with new batteries. My favorite thing to do with this egg is use it with my Ready Ryan 6 inch dildo. I ride that and use the egg for stimulation. THE FEELING IS FANTASTIC AND OH SO SATISFYING!! This little egg does something that manual masturbation could never achieve, MULTIPLE ORGAMS! I come again and again in the same night. I LOVE IT!!! The feeling is MIND BLOWING. It does make noise, it's not quite, but I don't care as long as I get off. If you buy this toy for alone play, no partner and live with a roommate, good luck controlling your noises, because you will scream like HELL! If you have a partner, they will LOVE watching you play with this little baby! Guys, a word of advice, tie her to the bed when you use this on her, because she will wiggle A WHOLE LOT with this, especially on the HIGH setting! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
By Tika on 12/25/2015
Overall Rating
It does a great of of stimulating the clit, but can also be used internally or on other special spots ;) The remote is fun to give to a partner, too!
By Upper on 12/10/2015
Overall Rating
I'm a huge fan of bullets and this one did not let me down. Not only was it a good deal at it's price, but it's strength is amaaaaazing! I'm a *cough* frequent user (2-3 times/day) and it has not let me down at all. For reviews where it quickly broke, they clearly had a defective item as mine has held up for a few weeks now with no complaints at all from me! I highly recommend this jewel! :)
By Sand Flea on 11/16/2015
Overall Rating
This toy is great... Especially for the price you cant beat it. I believe the only reason this got bad reviews is because people have a misconception on how to treat this toys. I have sold these in my store for some time and can tell you, there are a few trick of the trade to make these little gems last. First off do not use name brand batteries... The little motor mechanisms can not handle that much power and they will burn it up. Second, never tug on the cord... This includes wrapping the cord around the battery pack for storage. If you wanted to insert the toy, put a condom on it first so when you remove it you are pulling in the condom and not the cord... And last, these are not meant to be used for hours at a time, they need a cool down period. If you need that much time, I would suggest you either buy a couple bullets at a time or invest in a few different toys to give them a lite longer life... Hope these little tips help :)

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